Master Class on the Energy Passes of Carlos Castaneda

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Hosted and taught by Miles Reid, one of his direct apprentices

   “The Magic in the Energy Passes”

Discover it, experience it, rekindle it

Coming Online in 2024, stay tuned!

The MasterClass will consist of 7 sections, or 7 key aspects of the energy passes, each one presented in the format of an online class taken live or on demand. Additionally, the course includes suggested practices to develop perceptual sensitivities pertinent to these passes.

Dr. Miles Reid is uniquely suited to teach a Masterclass on the topic of Carlos Castaneda’s movements, brought into the public after being passed along an oral tradition originated in ancient Mexico, and deeply resonant still today with thousands of people around the world. Miles brings his direct experience of learning and studying directly from Carlos Castaneda, who first introduced these movements.

Under his guidance, Miles was featured by Carlos Castaneda in his book Magical Passes, demonstrating the passes. Miles is a leading instructor onstage and part of the group originally teaching the movements to the public, and has continued to teach them around the world for over 20 years