Yes! Personal Retreats Are Back!

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From the great success of last year, we will be returning to Switzerland and Italy to offer sets of personal treatments and one-on-one guidance and counseling. A unique modality combining the experience of wholistic healing treatments plus a personalized mini-workshop that we design just for you.

There was an incredible level of satisfaction from those participating in this novel offering, so we are following energy and coming back!

May, 2023   Save the Date!

What others said about their experience in their Personal Retreat:

“Dear Miles, I wish I could find the right words to say you thank You, for the great support you gave me in setting up new challenges, to find a new approach in every day life habits, to strengthen the intent of connection and love with my tonal, either into my body or around me. I still feel shifted somehow into the awareness of my left body and I want this to grow like a three I’m taking care of. Acting more, thinking less, I feel more strength and respect for my body, feeling focused and present in any activity. Thank You very much indeed.“ – Emanuelle

“I thank you from bottom of my heart for your support and your full attention to my stories and states! It was uplifting for me being heard with all my issues I usually don’t share. I feel lighter after that, and am more in tune with my body.” – Sasso

“No need to say that those 4 days have been truly beneficial for everyone of us. I have been amazed by the way you have been able, in that short timeframe, to help everyone of us in such a singular manner. Besides the effects on our well-being, your positive attitude has been incredibly uplifting and contagious.
It has really been an honor and a delight to have you here in Lausanne my friend.
Muchas gracias y hasta luego caballero!!!” – Gabriel

“Good morning Miles, thank you so much for all the energy you put in your treatments. So much focus and intent. It was a long time since I haven’t had treatments with you but as always you injected a boost in my life and shook my energy. I feel more light and determined. A big hug and a thank you”. – Paolo

“It has been a transformational experience for me in many ways! your deep compassion opened my heart and your lightness and warmth made me feel that all things fall in place gracefully and easy. I felt such a great cleaning of my body and spirit, it’s like I got an infusion of a fresh colorful beautiful energy and let go of stagnated dark one. I felt that all is well and I gave myself permission to be who I am. and a miracle happened on my way back home. For month now my voice was very weak and i couldn’t sing at all. when i got in my car I suddenly got an urge to sing. despite resistance I followed the urge and in the beginning my voice sounded weak and scratchy, but some inner force was pushing me to continue. after 30 min my voice cleared up and I could sing loud and clear like years ago!! it was an amazing liberating feeling. so I sang all the way home for 2 hours! Now I am working on maintaining this new feeling and follow the plan we laid out. Thank you Miles from the bottom of my heart!” ❤️ – Olya

“These sessions with Miles were very special. He is a character who left his mark on me and immediately touched my heart and gained my trust. I wondered what was happening to me. My ramparts fell in one fell swoop. Everything happened very quickly and I feel like I’ve been in a space-time wormhole.
Miles gave me a glimpse of other ways to approach a path to healing. There may be a glimmer at the bottom of the well that I can now see if I make an effort to keep my eyes open.
It will take me a few more days to come out of the fog and receive fully what has been given to me.
Thank you for dedicating your life to helping others, Mr. Reid, and for doing so with such kindness, sincerity and heart.” – Geraldine

“Thank you for being the intermediary with Infinity and helping me to reconnect with Spirit.
I came with different issues and you managed to pinpoint the most important ones: how to stop the circularity of worrying thoughts, how to minimize the emotional impact of petty tyrants, what strategies to adopt in order to connect immediately with Spirit, and especially for this period in my life, to allow the process of mourning my mother who passed away 6 months ago and to take this opportunity to complete the process of mourning my father who passed away more than 30 years ago and with whom I didn’t manage to say properly good bye. Allowing this mourning without wishing to “get over it”. And how to be in the forefront of my lineage and being supported by my parents and ancestors in my back. During those 2 days I felt deeply understood and respected in my personal rythme. Ad two days later, I feel more comfortable and kind with my self. Huge! Thank you!!!” – Cristina

“Thank you for this opportunity to share.
My take away points are:
1. Measure time in intensity rather than linear. Quality not quantity.
2. Dissipate unwanted emotions in the vast landscape of the heart. (Into the heart audio).
3. The feeling experienced is that of freedom, evocative of times when I’ve experienced this before. Cultivate this environment.
4. Choose your battles.
5. Create strategies. Detox
6. Be careful with syntax., modify for optimization.
7. Intending gives impetus and direction. Apply to all aspects.
After treatments I experienced a sensation of weightlessness. My assemblage point had shifted and I could sense the swirling energy around me. In the following days my legs have been stiff, like I’ve been on a good hike or run. They want to stretch and gather energy.
My wife is happy and I was able to share some of the knowledge about choice of words with my children so my loved ones have benefited too.
Thank you Miles for sharing your wisdom and restoring my energy!
Hope to see you again next year!” – Ross

“Hola Miles, Espero que hayas hecho buen viaje rumbo a Italia. A pesar que hemos trabajado mucho sobre el dolor, y que la session en eso me ha ayudado bastante….no es en ese sentido que siento más cambio
Más bien me encuentro más unificada, centrada y alegre.
Mi esposo me dijo que me veía con otra cara.
Y en mi trabajo estoy aún más conectada.
Así que todo mágico.
Regresé a casa llena de gratitud a pesar de la situación en la que se encuentra este mundo.
Muchisimas gracias a ti y a mi hijo que insistió mucho para que te encontrara.
Que todo te vaya bien. Un fuerte abrazo” – Marik