First Annual Global Practice

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August 24, 2024

1st Annual Global Practice

The Creativity of the Warrior

Saturday, August 24, 7:00 am to 10:00 am PST


Joining Forces Practice Project

With the Form of Energy Passes:

The Jaguar of the Maya-Toltecs


The jaguar is one of the most consequential figures in Mesoamerica culture, the ruler of the underworld, the spirit of light and darkness, the Sun of the night. For shamans, the jaguar brings a specific kind of energy to those who align with it: courage, valor and the confidence to seek and confront that which is in the darkness, that cannot or would not be seen, including one’s fears and one’s enemies. The jaguar represents power and ferocity. The jaguar has night vision and can see depth in the dark. Being a jaguar can also mean accessing higher functions of our brain, including insight and foresight.

The Practice Project

On Saturday August 24, from 7:00am to 10:00am PST is the First Annual Global Practice!

This will be an Annual Gathering from all Practice Groups around the globe, to celebrate each other for their efforts and energy over the first year of the Joining Forces project of practices, to intermingle, create new relationships and support each other for the next year practice.

We help each other to have purpose and a sustained practice

We move towards freedom joining forces, side by side, and internationally

The Global Practice will take place via Zoom, from 16:00 to 19:00hrs CET of the third day of the Live Retreat in Slovenia, for those who can’t make it physically.

It will just like the group’s Seasonal Practices, but of double duration, and one same practice for all groups at the same time.


Help support the Practices by inviting people from your network to come and experience the movements and the energy.

This is a unique opportunity!

Practice Groups of Mexico, USA, Russia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Argentina, Europe English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.



EACH Practice Group will work together to create their Signature Jaguar Form, their unique arrangement, such as “The Jaguar of the Maya-Toltecs French Group, The Jaguar of the Maya-Toltecs Brazil Group, etc.

Each group can practice and develop their form over the next months, and include it in their regular practices.

In August 2024, when we hold the first Global Practice, each Practice Group will present and share their respective Form, so we all get to practice all the different variations.

In this form, a warrior becomes “Jaguarized” It is not that the warrior leaves the human to become a jaguar; rather, the human pulls in the jaguar, he incorporates the energies and attributes of the jaguar into the human.


Guidelines for creating a Form:

  • Instead of being a single set form, in The Jaguar Form there is rather a vocabulary, a set of small components that can then be arranged in sequences with different orders and repetitions.
  • Each set functions as a unit of perception, from the realm of the jaguar. In this context, an arrangement is a unique sequence and number of repetitions of the sets, reflecting individual expressions.
  • Each Practice Group worldwide develops its own arrangement, its own form, by individual members of each group practicing, exploring the units and creating their unique sequence.
  • Individual practitioners’ sequences will be shown and shared throughout the next Seasonal Practices, and each group will finally choose one version to present at the Global Practice in August.



A Pattern of Breathing 

Engaging the Hands as Claws 

A Specific Mood to Enter 

Strikes & Blocks 


Setting the Mood of the Jaguar

  1. Jaguar breaths (low in throat and belly). Generating respiratory alkalosis
  2. Jaguar sounds (panting & growling). Activating Intent
  3. Jaguar wheels (moving energy). Proprioception
  4. Jaguar sets

How to arrange a form

  1. there is a pattern of breathing to follow,
  2. a specific mood to enter,
  3. a technique for how to engage the hands as claws,
  4. a set of wheels’ strikes
  5. a collection of blocks of energy passes; blocks can be combined in any order and number of repetitions so that the end result is a form always fresh, unique, and in motion.
  6. Any given Form, any given arrangement (sequence) can also include any of the sounds in combination with any of the movements

See the Videos of each unit of the Form shown by Dr. Miles Reid

Click here to read the detailed explanations of the Form in the videos

Details of each unit

Jaguar Claw Wheels

First Wheel

Straight claw (to chest)
Over the Head claw (palms down)
Across claw (hook in)
Midline claw (rip along midline)

Second Wheel

Overhead claw (hand ends facing up)
Underhead claw (hand ends facing up)
Apart claw (across face)
Diagonal claw Up (strike down with back of the hand)

Jaguar Sets

#1 Gathering Energy Along the Sides

  1. Lowering the Center of Gravity (aligning with the jaguar)
  2. Clawing by the sides with space under the armpits

#2 Panting and Kicking Energy

  1. Clawing down in sets of five & double kicks

#3 Reaping Energy & Growling

  1. Backsteps while clawing across the face

#4 Gathering Energy Parrying

  1. Clawing by parrying side to side

#5 Packing Energy

  1. Clawing back & under
  2. Clawing forward & over
  3. Jaguar stance

#6 Pouncing and Throwing Energy

  1. Pounce and strike
  2. Grab and thrust
  3. Overhead leap twist and thrust

#7 Swirling Energy in Circles

  1. Left-right-left claw out
  2. Right-left-right claw out

#8 Bringing Energy Down to the Earth

  1. Pounce and bring down
  2. Pull energy stepping backwards

#9 Gathering Energy Over the Head

  1. Clawing from over the head

#10 Gathering Energy Over the Head Walking

  1. Clawing from over the head walking

The Joining Forces Practice Initiative 



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“The ethos of a warrior-traveler is to navigate in Infinity”

– Carlos Castaneda