Three-Day Seminar in Mexico City

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November 16 - November 17

The Voladores of Infinity

November 15-17, 2024

Dare To Dream Freedom

Just added! Come and Share a Free Class & Presentation by Dr. Miles Reid

“Dreaming: from the Shamans of Ancient Mexico to the XXI Century”

Museo Anahuacalli, Mexico D.F.

Wednesday November 13, from 19:30 to 21:00hrs.

Mexico City is a place like no other. Carlos Castaneda always regarded it as a site of a very special power and energy available to all who seek freedom. He defined the unique energetic qualities of the city as the existence of a gigantic dome of energy that sits right on top, and amplifies things, elevates things, heightens them.
Freedom of perception represents a set of possibilities, of expansion. It motivates and it drives to grow, to become our best, to develop our full potential as human beings.
To this magical place we call the spirit of the Voladores—the ones who fly, the warriors whose awareness spirals across space and time.
During the early days of my apprenticeship with Carlos Castaneda, I had had up to that point, no public role within his work and organization. One day, he told me that he was going to Mexico City to teach a workshop and I should go for the ride, “just take a look, see how things are,” as he put it to me. I went.
The workshop was taking place in a huge gymnasium that was more like an aviation hangar. It was madness–the place was packed with more than a thousand participants. There were three stages: a center one where two apprentices taught the energy passes, and two additional side stages with more apprentices doing the same movements for more people to see. The energy felt like it was packed against the roof. I was in awe.
Late that night in my hotel room, the phone rings. The caller ID shows Private caller, just like it would if my teacher would call me, and I immediately pick up. It was him. He starts talking to me, animated about the first day of the workshop. He speaks without pause for twenty minutes, and then, after a brief silence, he says:
“…So, caballero, tomorrow morning, you go out there, get on that center stage, and lead the (three-hour session) workshop.” My mouth got instantly parched dry and my breath stopped. Before I could say a word, he added:
“And you tell them everything I just said.” My heart stopped for a second. He must have sensed my fright in the millisecond pause before I muttered:
“…of course, nagual.” He then looked at me and said, before hanging up:
“When you are out there tomorrow, you look at all those people, but then look not at their faces but slightly above them, onto the horizon. And remember that you are not talking to them for them to approve you; you are talking to infinity, out there, in that horizon where freedom is. Never lose sight of that place. That is where a warrior goes.”
This workshop is aimed at that point of reference and is an invitation for you to come to gather energy and purpose for that pursuit, together, in this special city that can multiply 10x whatever you set your intent to.


Our intent for your workshop experience:
  • Understanding the human body as an apparatus of perception.
  • Learning how to open a corridor of perception into the second attention.
  • The direct experience of moving the assemblage point to the position of a bird, a tree, and the Earth.
  • When the thinking mind comes to a halt, and the world of inner silence opens
  • The hunt for joy, vitality and belief
  • Learning how energy moves around the luminous spheres that we are


Be guided through the details and nuances of this unique tradition by Dr. Miles Reid, one of the principal original teachers trained directly by Carlos Castaneda, and featured in his book on the subject, Magical Passes.
The seminar-retreat is for everybody who participates in the energy passes online, the regional practices, quarterly live gatherings, to meet each other in person, network, share an amazing time, and get connected.
If you have not yet participated in the online practices, this is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the energy passes of Carlos Castaneda, to ancient and modern practices of shamanism, and their bridge to modern life, medicine and science.
* We gather in this place, Mexico City, to pay homage to the men and women seekers of freedom who have lived in these lands since antiquity.

Mexico City

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Dr. Miles Reid will offer personalized treatments on Thursday the 14th, Friday the 15th (before the workshop), Sunday the 17th in the afternoon and Monday the 18th in the morning.


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3-Day Workshop:

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* Tuition support based on need will be available – inquire with local organizers

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