Treatments in Europe
Spring 2024!!

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May 17 - May 23
English, Spanish, French

This May in Europe

Take a Personal Retreat & Treatments

with Dr. Miles Reid!

Lausanne, Switzerland, MAY 17- 20
Chiavari, Italy, MAY 21-23

WHY A unique combination of personal training and healing treatments. Experience holistic healing and energy redeployment, plus a personalized mini-retreat that Dr. Miles will design just for you.

WHAT During a set of treatments you get:

  • Personal Acupuncture & Tuina Bodywork
  • Personal Nutritional and Herbal Prescriptions
  • Personal Energy Passes Prescriptions
  • Personal Coaching on the Warrior’s Way

WHERE The two locations by the water are the beautiful Lausanne, by Lake Geneva and the splendid coastline of Chiavari.

Come and get a set of treatments, once or twice per day during your stay, and make it a health and healing retreat for you. Make an investment in yourself, take this opportunity to grow your awareness and feel amazing!

WHEN Choose a location and dates that work best and we will design your set (3-4 treatments) within those days. There can be 2 treatments in any given day.

We have been offering this format of treatments with great success, as the successive treatments have a cumulative effect. Each treatment reinforces the previous one or covers other areas of concern. The last session integrates all the set, we drive into your body the new health and the new awareness.

HOW TREATMENTS include hands on Tuina and Acupuncture, Auricular Acupuncture, Cupping, Life Coaching, Guided Imagery, Energy Passes and Herbal Medicinals. An energetic perspective and frame to your body symptoms and emotions is also a part of your sessions.

Bring your needs, what do you want to get better what do you want to shift, at all levels of your being, body symptoms, emotional states and energetic patterns, we will attend to them.

NOTE FOR PRACTITIONERS:  For those interested in the work of my teacher Carlos Castaneda, your sessions include guidance on energy passes and other shamanistic practices.

SET AN INTENT you want to beckon

For Your Health and For Your Awareness

Examples of a Set of Treatments:

  • Immune Regulation and Boosting
  • Emotional and Psychological Health
  • Energy and Stamina
  • Stress and Sleep
  • Joints & Jaw, Muscles & Spine
  • Connection to Spirit and Energy
  • Recapitulation and Inner Dialogue
  • You can also create your own set as you envision it!

*Bring comfortable clothing to your sessions and if there are any labs or studies you wish us to look at from a functional and energetic perspective.
**if you practice energy passes, bring any you want to receive personal instruction!

Cost Lausanne

 75’ Treatment:
Take 1 or 2 treatments: 229 Swiss Francs each
Take 3 or 4 treatments: 209 Swiss Francs each

Cost Chiavari

 75’ Treatment:
Take 1 or 2 treatments: 235€ each
Take 3 or 4 treatments: 215€ each

Questions and Scheduling                                                  

Ph. or Text +1 310 231 3500

Local Contact for directions and logistics

Lausanne: Rita
021 323 30 33

Chiavari: Pier Paolo Brescia
WhatsApp +39 346 088 2114

Miles Reid, L.Ac. National Board Certified
in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology
Medical Doctor (AR)
CoFounder Energy Life Sciences Institute
Clinical Director
2001 S. Barrington Ave. Suite 117 Los Angeles CA 90025 USA