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Allowing Our Innate Energy Force to Create Healing

The Energy Life Sciences Institute® provides comprehensive educational and medical solutions to help you live with vitality and achieve your fullest potential. A methodology that focuses on energy and awareness is at the core of our services and products, providing a framework for healing and living at your joyful best.

We recognize that in the connected world of today, there is a need for the integration of Eastern Healing and Shamanistic Healing into Western Medical Practices and the advancement of Non-Traditional Healthcare. The Energy Life Sciences Institute aims to contribute to this need as a respected representative of alternative health and wellbeing domestically and globally.

‘To be healthy today is to feel whole, complete, purposeful, present, vital, and loving. It includes physical health and also to develop an energy context, a spiritual context. It requires using your energy efficiently and being mindful, or conscious. Health and consciousness are the keys to wellbeing and fulfillment.

The Energy Life Sciences Methodology integrates movement, education and complementary medicine to empower you to be well, and prevent illness. At the root of our services and products is the understanding that we are energy first.

Energy Life Sciences Institute Cofounder Dr. Miles Reid is the go-to source for healing and alternative methods to cure disease. He offers the highest professional skills and a unique perspective that make our educational programs and clinic services different from all others.

Dr. Reid is a Medical Doctor from Argentina and holds degrees in Oriental Medicine as an Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. A direct apprentice of Carlos Castaneda, he has also engaged in over 20 years of shamanic practices from ancient Mexico. Miles brings decades of study and experience in movement and consciousness to the services, classes and products offered by the Institute.

Experience the difference.

Understanding that We Are Energy First

We are beings of energy: everything in the physical world is comprised of energy. Thoughts are also made up of energy. At the subatomic level, we are pure energy. We need energy to breathe, move, think and act. Energy flows in the body, and when it doesn’t flow freely, it creates illness.

As the science of epigenetics has shown, our thoughts and beliefs influence our health at the genetic level. Therefore, our energy directly influences our genes and the essence of our entire being, internally and externally.

Energy Life Sciences Institute
Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science

New research is revealing the role of consciousness in our health, and is poised to transform health care, and influence education, business, sports, and all other endeavors involving human performance. We are now at a juncture where we can effectively bridge ancient knowledge with modern health.

The Energy Life Sciences Institute facilitates your healing process by helping you identify and clear blocks that limit you physically, emotionally and mentally. In addition to our medical services, we offer classes, workshops, and educational materials to help you access your energy, tap into your inner power and enjoy greater health and vitality.

Open your consciousness and enjoy health, harmony and vitality!

Renew and Revitalize Today

About Carlos Castaneda

Dr. Carlos Castaneda was an anthropologist, teacher and author. In his books, he described his apprenticeship with Don Juan Matus, a Yaqui Indian from Sonora, Mexico and a leader of a lineage of shamans of Mesoamerican origins. Through his relationship with don Juan, he learnt about knowledge and premises belonging to the shamans of ancient Mexico. The essence of this type of shamanism was not the performance of rituals or trance states rather the development of an individual’s attention and energy in order to free one’s perception. This knowledge was passed form generation to generation of apprentices in an oral tradition.

In his books Carlos Castaneda described his own learning and how much the premises taught to him shaped his cognition and spirit. An integral part of his lifestyle involved the daily practice of movements called energy passes, by which the mind becomes more open and fluid and the body vital and stronger.

Carlos Castaneda began lecturing in public in 1993 and teaching others about the practical aspects of this tradition. As heir to what was given to him, he, in conjunction with his colleagues Taisha Abelar, Florinda Donner-Grau and others, decided to bring this knowledge to the public, through the medium of workshops and lectures.

Carlos Castaneda was extremely charismatic and articulate and drew a great interest from a large audience. He was a generous person who helped many people pursue their goals, and a fervent believer in academia who supported many to study and learn.

Dr. Miles Reid met Castaneda in the early-mid 90’s and became his direct apprentice. Part of a small group who knew him personally and intimately, he was trained by him to continue his teachings and adapting them to medicine and the needs of modern life. Dr. Miles Reid is featured demonstrating the passes in Carlos Castaneda’s book Magical Passes.

Dr. Castaneda passed away in April 1998 and his legacy continues. He wanted to make a difference in the world, a contribution for human beings everywhere, freedom of perception. His wish was for people to find their own way of living his teachings, to validate things through their own practice and experience. To find what they loved and follow their path with heart.

The Energy Life Sciences Institute stands at the continuation of this legacy.