Allowing Our Energy Force from Within to Create Healing

The Energy Life Sciences Institute® provides comprehensive educational and medical solutions to help you live with vitality and achieve your fullest potential. The Being Energy methodology is at the core of our services and products, providing a framework for healing and living at your joyful best.

To be healthy is to feel whole, complete, purposeful, present, vital, and loving. It requires using your energy efficiently and being mindful, or conscious. Health and consciousness are the keys to wellbeing and fulfillment.

Being Energy integrates movement, education and complementary medicine to empower you to be well, and prevent illness. At the root of our services and products is the understanding that we are energy first.

Energy Life Sciences Institute Founders Dr. Miles Reid and Aerin Alexander offer the highest professional skills and a unique perspective that make our educational programs and clinic services different from all others.

Dr. Reid is a Medical Doctor from Argentina, licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. A direct apprentice of Carlos Castaneda, he has also engaged in over 20 years of shamanic practices from ancient Mexico. Aerin, also a direct apprentice of Carlos Castaneda, brings decades of study and experience in movement and consciousness to the services, classes and products offered by the Institute.

Experience the difference.

Understanding that We Are Energy First

We are beings of energy: everything in the physical world is comprised of energy. Thoughts are also made up of energy. At the subatomic level, we are pure energy. We need energy to breathe, move, think and act. Energy flows in the body, and when it doesn’t flow freely, it creates illness.

As the science of epigenetics has shown, our thoughts and beliefs influence our health at the genetic level. Therefore, our energy directly influences our genes and the essence of our entire being, internally and externally.

This energetic perspective expands the resources and possibilities for healing, growth and fulfillment. The understanding of our energetic nature gives us the knowledge to provide the scientifically appropriate educational and medical services—this understanding is the root of the Being Energy methodology.

The Being Energy methodology revitalizes the mind and body, develops mindfulness and stimulates healing in a natural and balanced way. It provides the body with information to naturally support and heal itself, and breaks through destructive thought patterns that thwart the advancement of health and our joy of life. We offer tools to increase your vitality and energy as well as your awareness and functionality.

How Being Energy Works… The three pillars of the Being Energy methodology are:

Movement and diet are widely regarded as keys to good health. Though with Being Energy, we take this general sound advice and make it even more specific with exercises called energy passes—including self-acupressure points, breathing techniques, and dietary recommendations drawn from Traditional Chinese Medicine, the latest scientific findings and shamanism.

The Being Energy movements are based on the truth that how we move and hold our body directly influences our mind and spirit–how we perceive the world, our moods, our understanding. Science has long accepted that our moods and mental attitudes can affect our physical bodies. Now there is more and more proof that the process works in reverse: How we stand, sit and move can change everything about us.

But what is recapitulation? This is not so well known, yet it is one of the most powerful tools for health that is available to us.

We can heal our emotions through an active process of releasing misinterpretations. This is recapitulation. Through this process of self-awareness, we are able to find greater meaning in our lives and perceive our clear purpose.

At the Energy Life Sciences Institute Clinic, we apply the Being Energy methodology in conjunction with the conscious and skilled use of therapeutic modalities, creating avenues for self-discovery and purpose of spirit.

Being Energy
Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science

Long recognized in ancient cultures, energy fields are now being detected and studied by Western scientists. Chinese, Mayan and Toltec cultures, for example, have held the view of the body as energy, of our lives as a journey of consciousness, and that our particular perception of the world dictates our experience of the world.

The Being Energy methodology is founded on the premises of the shamans of ancient Mexico: that we are made of a conglomerate of energy fields, that we can all naturally perceive energy as it flows in the universe and that the world around us is a mystery.

New research is revealing the role of consciousness in our health, and is poised to transform health care, and influence education, business, sports, and all other endeavors involving human performance. We are now at a juncture where we can effectively bridge ancient knowledge with modern health.

The Energy Life Sciences Institute facilitates your healing process by helping you identify and clear blocks that limit you physically, emotionally and mentally. In addition to our classes, workshops, retreats and educational materials, we offer medical services to help you access your energy, tap into your inner power and enjoy greater health and vitality.

Open your consciousness and enjoy health, harmony and vitality!