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I Need To Thrive, Not Just Survive

“The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average man. The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of the onlooker and calls that self-confidence. The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes and calls that humbleness. The average man is hooked to his fellow men, while the warrior is hooked only... Read more »

Experiencing Freedom in Mexico!

I am standing with my suitcases packed, gazing at the blue-turquoise ocean and wishing for this moment to last forever. In a few hours I will be flying back to Los Angeles, but I don’t want to go back. I want to be suspended in the intersubjectivity, created by our group here in the sacred… Read more »

Don’t waste your time and your power fearing Freedom.

“Can you deviate from the path that your fellow men have lined up for you? And if you remain with them, your thoughts and your actions are fixed forever in their terms. That is slavery. The warrior, on the other hand, is free from all that. Freedom is expensive, but the price is not impossible… Read more »

To Seek Freedom is the Only Driving Force I know

  One of the main premises of the Warrior that we learned from Carlos Castaneda more than twenty years ago was Freedom. He defined Freedom as the possibility to perceive not only the world taken for granted but also to experience everything else that is humanly possible to accomplish. When Miles and I met Castaneda we wanted… Read more »

Why do we age? Let’s live a life worth living!

Dear Friends, The question of whether it is possible to slow down aging is one that has interested us, humankind, our entire history. It is as relevant to us today as it has ever been. Recent scientific progress indicates that the aging process not only can be slowed down, but under certain circumstances it can… Read more »

2020: We are present to the challenge!

Aloha Friends! Miles, Axel and I spent the last week of 2019 at home, slowing down, wrapping up the year, paying bills and recycling clothing and belongings. We have been downsizing. Not only at the material level. Most importantly, downsizing emotional drama and unnecessary negativity. We cooked every meal, we slept lots. We cocooned in… Read more »

The Perfectly Imperfect Daughter

I always felt small around my mother. As a child I experienced her as the commander in chief of the family, in charge of all decisions and the source of everything I needed and wanted. I remember being six years old, one afternoon polishing the wood floors of the living room of our apartment. I… Read more »

Overcoming Fear of Men

I didn’t know fear still had a hold on me until I heard Amanda Nguyen talk. Years ago, I used to wake up in the middle of the night fearing being killed in the hands of a man. I would check under the bed and behinds curtains fearing a man hiding somewhere in the house. I… Read more »

Hurray 2019! Release, Forgive and Set Up Intentions while Welcoming the New Year

“Intent is what sends shamans through a wall, to space, to Infinity”~ Carlos Castaneda Dear friend: A New Time has arrived. We are living in a new era of interconnection, worldwide, where information is shared instantly across the globe, where we must stand together to protect our planet, where we need new collective agreements of... Read more »

Deepening into the Heart

Last week, Miles and I taught a workshop about Lead Your Legacy at the wonderful Lead with Love Summit, at the stunning Aspen, in Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We were open-hearted welcomed and experienced deep connections of love with everyone, including participants, presenters, organizers, the trees and mountains surrounding us. The last time we taught... Read more »

What I Learned From my Father About Love

I was recently in Los Angeles, taking a class on self-development and the topic of abuse of power came out. A tall man on his seventies, stood up and expressed: ‘All women I know have been sexually molested.’ Immediately I had the image of my spiritual teacher, Carlos Castaneda, saying the same phrase to me… Read more »

Sharing Our Transformational Experience In England With You!

We came back from our retreat Lead Your Legacy, in Worcester, filled with new awareness and in love with the Walled Gardens! Surrounded by trees and ancient landscape, this unique setting offered us opportunities for deep healing and growth. We planted seeds in the form of intentions and specific actions to continued developing our legacies.... Read more »

Our magical time in Kunsangar, our Being Energy Workshop

What a powerful time! Our Being Energy® teachers, Andrey Petrov, Anastasia Ganich, Valentina lantsinova and Sergei Minin, guided a powerful and breathtaking workshop in Kunsangar, Moscow, last June 29-July 1. Below, they are sharing their experiences, pictures and a moving video. We are so proud of our teachers's impecable work and lovely presence! DAY 1... Read more »

What Carlos Castaneda Taught Me About Women’s Power

Did you know in the U.S. someone is sexually assaulted every 98 seconds, and 90 percent of adult victims of rape are female? A recent survey of 550 experts on women’s issues concluded that India is the most dangerous country for women, and #10, the United States. I remember talking to my teacher, Carlos Castaneda,… Read more »

What Carlos Castaneda Taught Me About Time

Time it is like a thought, or a wish. Time is measured by the intensity of the moment you are living. Time suspends when experiencing inner silence. Time is a form of attention. Time is not measured by the clock. Time bends when you pay attention. It is 5 to 12, I am running out… Read more »

What Castaneda Taught me
About the Warrior’s Way

  While at Todai-ji, the temple in the city of Nara, I was mesmerized looking at the largest Buddha ever built in bronze, when the concept of the “Warrior’s Way” jolted my memory. The Warrior’s Way was the framework Carlos Castaneda used to describe living life with impeccability and purpose. It consists of a series of... Read more »

It’s Not JUST What You Eat: What Carlos Castaneda taught me about FOOD

By the time I met Carlos Castaneda he was very disciplined with food. He emphasized that food had a direct impact in our emotions and our thought processing. It influenced our perceptual capabilities. “Es muy simple señorita,” he used to tell me in Spanish, “si comes mal, te sientes mal y ves todo mal.” In other words, if you eat… Read more »

Contest Part 2: Inspiring you to write!

Writing is one of the most precious human gifts and a wonderful instrument to leave a legacy. We know about our ancestors, their knowledge, wisdom and philosophies through writing and this is why we are inspiring you to write. It takes practice and we are here to support you in expressing yourself. We created this... Read more »

Contest: How Carlos Castaneda’s books Inspired You!

Dear Community! We are launching a fun contest to win the participation to our live workshops in Mexico City, England and Moscow! This contest will inspire you to reflect and recapitulate the first time you read Carlos Castaneda's books. What attracted you? What inspired you? How old you were? Join our contest online on Facebook... Read more »

What My Teacher Carlos Castaneda Taught Me About Death

My friends Tom and Susanne from Hawaii texted me last Saturday: “For about fifteen minutes we were preparing ourselves to die. And it was real. And we were calm. What a gift. Sorry you were not here to enjoy the fun.” I smiled and exhaled. I had arrived in Los Angeles a few days before… Read more »

The Magical Cocoon – How I Recovered my Relationship With My Daughter

By Tom Reavley One night I got into a taxi in Mexico City with my daughter and a friend.  We were taking my daughter to see a famous healer in the city.  There was a soft rain outside and the city lights were reflected in the wet streets.  The traffic was calm for Mexico City… Read more »

Cuicuilco, Where I Reconnect to My Legacy

By Aridana Vasquez The Mexico Valley has movement and stillness at the same time. What if when exploring the city, we suddenly find ourselves in this inert space between kaos and stillness? We could enter and leave the city’s labyrinth with a single blink, and thus find our own voice, purpose and legacy; accepting our… Read more »

Our Organs Have Their Own Consciousness And We Can Talk to Them

My teacher Carlos Castaneda taught me this: Our Organs Have Their Own Consciousness And We Can Talk to Them This year marks the 20th anniversary of the departure of my dear teacher and guide Carlos Castaneda. I met him in the mid-nineties as a young doctor looking for a deeper meaning in my path as a… Read more »

What I Learned in my Encounter With La Venerable , leader of the Mayan Solar Tradition

Dear Community, A couple of weeks ago I was invited to teach Being Energy® movements at a special event guided by Nah Kin, la venerable abuela, in Merida Yucatan. Nah Kin, La Venerable, is the leader of the Mayan Solar Tradition and for the last 10 years she has been fully dedicated to downloading the... Read more »

Welcome 2018! How to Prepare for New Year’s Eve

“The world is unfathomable. And so are we. And so is every being that exists in this world” ~ Carlos Castaneda What a powerful moment this is: we are crossing to a new year cycle filled with gratitude and awe for our lives. What lessons did you experience in 2017? What triumphs? What failures? We have… Read more »

Why I Think About My Legacy Every Day

“Every bit of knowledge that becomes power has death as its central force. Death lends the ultimate touch, and whatever is touched by death indeed becomes power.” – Carlos Castaneda Almost no one likes to talk about death. A least no one in my family growing up did. And yet, death was happening. Every week… Read more »

TEACHER’S EXPERIENCES: Transforming Fear into Real Power

I was so moved when Tom, Ari and Erika, our Being Energy® teachers called me last week to tell me about their successful event in Guanajuato, Mexico! They have been dreaming about guiding a Being Energy event in Mexico for several years but, they felt didn’t feel ready. However, this year they decided to go… Read more »

Schweibenalp Retreat Highlights: We Had A Great Time!

Dear Community , What a dream-like and wonderful experience we had last weekend in Schweibenalp! We stayed at an incredibly unique center, located in the midst of the beautiful Swiss Alps, 4,000 feet high! It was the perfect place to restore our energies and get in touch with our dreaming body, our energy body. We practiced standing… Read more »

How I Learned To Reduce Stress By DREAMING a new TIME

“Warriors face the oncoming time. Normally we face time as it recedes from us. Only warriors can change that and face time as it advances on them.” – Carlos Castaneda Dear Community, Do you ever feel like time is accelerating? Like it is going super fast and running away from us? I know I do.… Read more »

Hike To The Lake: How the 2016 Schweibenalp Retreat Helped One Woman Connect to the Joy Within

The following is a testimonial written by Barbara Vencelj, who attended our 2016 retreat in Schweibenalp, Switzerland. Barbara shares about how the retreat helped her connect with herself, nature and her community.  During our six-day retreat in Schweibenalp in October of 2016, we had a wonderful time. We were practicing movements, breathing, witnessing exercises and learning... Read more »

Four Mindfulness Exercises For Overcoming Fear

  The first time I felt paralyzing fear was one evening after dinner, my mother and father left our apartment and went upstairs to take care of grandma. I was left with my brother, who was 7. I was five years-old. We were in the kitchen area that was illuminated by a single light-bulb, sitting… Read more »

Our New Step in Evolution: From homo sapiens to homo universalis

This is an exciting moment for us as human beings. Today, we are in a time that calls for a jump, for a rapid change, not just because we can but because we must. This is not the time to sit on the sidelines, to be a passive traveler of life. Life on the planet... Read more »

How to reduce stress from our challenging political environment

As a mind-body movement educator, dancer, author, international workshop leader and integrative medicine leader, I know just how strong the connection between our mind, body, energy and feelings is. The past few weeks have been particularly tense in our communities, due to our President’s divisive comments and behavior. From failing to reprove white supremacist and neo-nazi thought… Read more »

The New Nagual is You

Miles and I have been in a journey of resting and renewing our energies in Hawaii, on a sacred place close to the active volcano of Kilahuea, nourishing our bodies and souls with the energy of "Pele", the Goddess of fire. The island's lava flow has steadily descended along the gentle slope without stopping for... Read more »

Quetzalcoatl – Embracing the Light and Darkness Within us

Greetings From Our Journey to Teotihuacan! Last March 10-12, we held a workshop in Teotihuacan, one of the largest and oldest cities from Mesoamerican culture. We started our journey at the hotel located next to the archeological site, by practicing movement and breathing techniques to renew our bodies and release stress and exhaustion. We refreshed our… Read more »

Standing Up Courageously in the Face of Fear!

How do we stand up for ourselves and others when we are cowering in fear? Two days ago, we started a new cycle of our series of Path With Heart classes called “Overcoming Fear,” and we already started experiencing a warm wave of courage and love running through our bodies! Nelson Mandela said, “May your… Read more »

Welcome 2017! What to Do on New Year’s Eve

“For a warrior, the world is weird because it is stupendous, awesome, mysterious, unfathomable. A warrior must assume responsibility for being here, in this marvelous world, in this marvelous time.” ~ Carlos Castaneda This is a marvelous time. You have the opportunity to act from intent and create your dreams. The following ritual is one… Read more »

Buenos Aires – “Deep and light without being serious or superficial.”

  “Aerin, can I be honest with you?” – a participant of our recent seminar approached me in a break a couple of hours after our workshop had started. “I have lots of judgments right now. I am judging everyone here and I am also judging the workshop. I am sorry, I just want to… Read more »

Mother Mountain, Father Sun – Our Retreat in Schweibenalp

Dear friends, Miles and I just came back from teaching a six-day retreat in Switzerland, and it was not until I arrived to the Los Angeles airport that I realized how quiet my mind had been. At the customs line, there were a couple of ladies behind us wearing a turban in their heads, and... Read more »

3 Reasons to Get More Sleep

So how’s that sleep thing going for you? Do you feel rested? You’ve probably heard this, but sleep really, truly is important. Getting enough sleep is vital for optimal health and wellbeing. Yet most of us don’t manage to sleep enough, or sleep well. This can be complicated by hormonal shifts, especially for women. For… Read more »

A Key to Change Your Body + Your Life!

As the summer wanes, so does the outward flow of energy that summer naturally brings. The exuberant activity recedes, and what lies underneath comes to the surface. The same seems to happen with our body chemistry. This is the time of year when people frequently come to me for help with hormonal balance. From the Traditional Chinese... Read more »

Young, Vital and on the Move: The Vascular System

It would not be an exaggeration to say that young vessels equate to young age and that a healthy, vital flow in the blood vessels makes every other part of your body shine and function well. Open yourself up to discovering the universal flow and connections that are inherent in your arteries, veins and lymph... Read more »

The Spiral of My Life – Pablo Baynon on the Path with Heart

The spiral of my life began in a full-blown social uprising. I was in my mother’s womb when the police detained her with others in a protest. My mother also used to sing before I was born; my maternal grandfather played the piano while my grandmother made world maps and took care of a store.... Read more »

My First Lunch with Carlos Castaneda

More than 20 years ago, during my first lunch with Carlos Castaneda at a local Cuban restaurant (one of his favorite places), he introduced me to a warrior’s premise that is one of the most important: Freedom of Perception. I learned that my interpretations and beliefs are not unalterable, but the product of unquestioned repetition.... Read more »

Turn off to Stay on Top of Your Game

As a doctor in a busy clinic, I often find myself in a similar predicament as my own patients, that is, how to stay focused and stay present, without feeling that there is not enough time to take care of all that is on my plate. From early morning professional meetings to a lively stream... Read more »

Energize with Intention!

Energy means vitality. It is an impetus expressed in our bodies, in our moods and in the way we relate to others. We might say someone has “good energy” or “bad energy” for example, or that we are energized by an idea. This all has a physical expression—as scientific studies continue to reveal. The body’s... Read more »

7 Foods to Sustain Your Energy All Day Long

Really? There are foods that can help me stay energized, focused and positive all day long? Yes! Sustain your activity and enjoy calm focus throughout the day by favoring foods that have a low glycemic index (GI). The key to these foods is that they help maintain balanced blood sugar. Changes in our blood sugar... Read more »

Why Do I Teach?

“Get on stage and give your very best. Follow your body; it knows what to do.” Carlos Castaneda said this to me just before I got on stage in 1996 for the first time to teach —there were 700 people in the audience. I felt unprepared and unfit for the occasion, and yet his words… Read more »

What Is Eating You?

One of the first questions I had for Carlos Castaneda was about food. He placed so much emphasis on wellbeing, on gathering one’s energy, and on being vital, that I was wondering what type of diet he followed. “What shall I eat to stay vital?” I asked him during one of the many lunches we… Read more »

Vibrant Energy Abounds: BE Sets the Stage in Argentina

Dear BE Community, We are profoundly inspired and energized by our recent Being Energy event in Buenos Aires, and by the light and heart of all of those in our BE community. The Argentina event created a resonance of growth and vitality that we feel in everything we’re doing and planning for 2016. The event drew a large… Read more »

Congratulations Valery! A New Life in the World

A new life in the world! One of our wonderful BE teachers has just brought a daughter into the world. Elizabeth was born at the end of November. Mom Valery writes: I had a wonderful 9 months of pregnancy and gave birth on November 28th, 2015, t o a lovely girl, Elizabeth. My practice of Being Energy was very important… Read more »

Why Gratitude Matters and Becomes Essential in Moments of Fear

It’s Thanksgiving time in the U.S., and we’re reminded of the power of gratitude. When we are grateful, a whole cascade of neurochemicals is released in our bodies, lowering inflammation and stimulating repair and immune mechanisms. When we are in a state of gratefulness, our hearts open and we feel connected to others. Fear dissipates.… Read more »

A Recipe to Kindle Your Digestive Fire

It’s undeniable. The holidays are on the way! How can you keep yourself healthy during this busy season? One key is to strengthen your digestive fire. Holiday celebrations almost always include rich foods. While we all know that it’s important to eat well, we can get a little derailed this time of year. Also, if… Read more »

Why Happiness Matters

The science is in: Happiness matters! It turns out that happiness and a strong social network are key components in your health and longevity. As the poet W. H. Auden put it, “We must love one another or die.” This statement is borne out by research showing that social relationships can both extend your life and… Read more »

Teaching BE: Sharing Magical Moments

Our Community: Luis Alonso shares his experience of teaching BE Luis reflects on a Being Energy class he just taught to a group of students. The experience of transmitting energy passes is very pleasant and mysterious. I always am in wonder at the vibration generated in the group, as well as the possibility of opening, through practice,… Read more »

Power Nap II: What Carlos Castaneda Told Me

What? Taking a nap? That is for babies! I can hear those words coming out of my mouth as if I’d said them yesterday. It was actually in 1995 when I spoke those very words to my teacher Carlos Castaneda when he suggested taking “power naps.” He had watched me yawning in the middle of his… Read more »

Mind over Matter?

How powerfully do our thoughts influence our health and wellbeing? The intricate connections between mind and body are only beginning to be scientifically understood. What we do know at this time is: Our emotions affect our physiology The brain is an amazingly adaptable and powerful organ Regular exercise can improve memory and cognitive functioning Studies continue to illuminate the… Read more »

A Path Unfolds: Lirio’s Story

Hello. I am Tania Quiroz, known as Lirio Díaz, and I live in Xalapa, in the State of Veracruz, Mexico. I was born in Mexico City and lived there for many years, which is why it is a place that I love and go back to every chance I get. I have lived in Xalapa... Read more »

5 Steps to Feeling Good

Feelings. The senses. Our emotions. Being aware of your feelings can have a directly positive influence on your health and wellbeing. I'll share a couple of exercises with you here, visual and physical, to help you hone that influential connection between feelings and health. For more detailed information about this and other topics, consider subscribing to... Read more »

The Flow: BE Teachers Recapitulate in Rishikesh

Unbounded energy moves in strong and unpredictable ways. We’re always inspired to hear about BE teacher experiences around the world, and joyfully received news from Ena and Gammadian about the week-long Recapitulation Retreat they just held in India. ~ Aerin and Miles Ena and Gammadian write: “[The Rishikesh Recapitulation Retreat] is an intimate group and… Read more »

A Story of Confidence: Dr. Barbara Vencelj and BE

Note: Barbara will teach with us in Amsterdam! We are grateful to have her join us for our October workshops there, where she will be available to help you integrate your health issues and concerns with the tools you learn in the workshop. This is my story of confidence. It revealed itself during the BE workshop… Read more »

6 Windows to Perception: Overcome Sensory Overload and Optimize Your Awareness

It’s almost here! Being Energy’s next Nutrition class—all about the senses. I invite you to join me live, online on Saturday, October 3rd. We’ll explore the importance of the five senses and how to optimize them, and even give you an exercise for activating your 6th sense for expanded perception. So why are we doing… Read more »

GONGS: Creating Balance, Health and Harmony with Sounds

We are beings of energy, and we are vibrational Beings. Because we are energy, we vibrate. Everything in the Universe is vibrating, moving all of the time. This motion generates frequencies, which become sounds. A sound, vibration or frequency can be harmonizing for us, or can create disharmony, leading to physical and mental dis-ease. Conversely,... Read more »

Change, Release and Free Your Story: Teaching on the Path with Heart

As a BE teacher, I often have to face all of my fears and insecurities when I begin to plan a class. I find myself asking: Who am I to be offering instruction to others in something so elusive and difficult to talk about as turning the wheel of time? How do we create a… Read more »

Power Nap, Part I: 7 Simple Steps to Boost Your Energy

Feeling a little fuzzy? Not as clear-headed as you know you can be? Maybe you could use a nap! Though there’s long been debate, the science is now in: There is such a thing as sleep debt, and it is a debt that you can, at least in part, repay. So how does that work?... Read more »

Energy Redeployment: More Energy! Reclaiming Your Vitality through Movement

During our apprenticeship, Carlos Castaneda emphasized practicing sequences of movements to regain focus and alertness. “When paying attention, not only to what movement comes next in the sequence, but even more importantly to ‘how’ you are practicing each movement,” he said during a class break, “you align your mind and body, working in unison with... Read more »

BE in Bulgaria!

Hello Friends, I am writing to you to let you know about our most recent workshop in Bulgaria. I can say that it was the most successful event led by BE instructors in Bulgaria. We were able to procure a beautiful event site, which served good food at a reasonable price of 45 EUR for… Read more »

Cool It Down! Foods to Eat for Summer Vitality

We’re thinking about longevity lately, and sustainability. Can what you eat really make a difference to your longevity? Yes! In fact, your daily food choices affect your mood and health both in the moment and well down the road. First and foremost, aim to eat according to the season. This is a key for aging… Read more »

The Fountain of Youth: 3 Ancient Formulas that Work

Some things stand the test of time, while others fade away. When it comes to staying youthful, Chinese Medicine offers an herbal treasure trove for our bustling modern lives. What’s more, Chinese herbs can be used together with key nutritional supplements for broad support of your health and longevity. The following supplements, herbs and herbal… Read more »

Personal Power, Leaving the Cult

Carlos Castaneda would often talk, and even joke about the cult of “me, me, me”—the self-centered, human, ego-driven obsession of self-importance. In my years of training with him, I had the opportunity to observe myself worry and be obsessed with my “self-presentation”—taking extra time to fix the way I looked, which I judged harshly. I… Read more »

The Truth about Detoxification

Are you thinking about doing a cleanse? Everywhere we turn these days, we see cleanses and detox programs being promoted. The truth is that not all programs are created equal. A proper detoxification program can be greatly beneficial. But some cleanses actually do more harm than good. Why Detoxify? A good detox program is energizing… Read more »

Sweet Summer Slumber: 7 Foods for Better Sleep

Sleeping well is a struggle for some of us throughout the year, but the summer season can really turn up the heat on nighttime tossing and turning. To help, we have some recommendations for what to eat and what not to eat to invite blissful slumber any time of year. For even more tips and… Read more »

How to Be Flexible to Stay Strong

Movement. Energy. Health. Vitality. It’s all tied together. At Being Energy, we think it’s important to take the whole into consideration. But to understand the whole, you must look at the parts, and vice versa. Movement is a key part of what we teach in our classes and workshops because movement, in one way or another, is... Read more »

8 Great Reasons to Meditate Today

You can enjoy positive effects from even just one meditation, and the long-term benefits multiply with continued practice. Recent studies show that meditation not only reduces stress—which would certainly be enough reason to try it—but it actually affects our DNA, protecting the life of our cells and slowing aging. One study showed that just one… Read more »

A Path of Love, a Path with Heart

My name is Kale Amber, I come from a lineage of disciplined, strong beings from Costa Rica. My ancestors had a passion for music, which I carry. Music is seen as the intentional use of the vibration and creates with its counterpart silence the perfect vehicle for emotions. Since early childhood, I’ve lived in a… Read more »

Intending Your Power Within

“In the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link.” ~ Carlos Castaneda Everything begins with intention, including connecting to your true power. With so much to do every day, our energy gets dispersed and we… Read more »

7 Foods (and a Recipe!) to Strengthen Your Joints

Create a strong foundation for health by nourishing your bones, muscles and tendons. Not only can you do this in simple ways, you can also do this in delicious ways. These seven common foods can help revitalize your joints and tendons: Tomatoes Kale Eggplant Red Bell Pepper Blackberries Basil Brussels Sprouts The bonus? This is… Read more »

Good Vibrations: Elevate Your Energy in Minutes

Energy is vitality. It is expressed in our bodies, in our moods and in the way we relate to others. We might say someone has “good energy” or “bad energy” for example, or that we are energized by an idea. This all has a physical expression—as scientific studies continue to reveal, the physiology and the... Read more »

3 Days to Reboot, Renew and Realize Your Dreams

What are your dreams? What do you wish for your life? You have more power to create your life than you may realize. From September 4 – 6, Being Energy presents Radiant Energy + Radiant Health—a retreat designed for you. Over three days, we’ll work with you one-on-one and in dynamic group classes to help you:… Read more »

Jump the Gap! How to Live Fully Right Now

“If your mind stops on the sword your opponent is swinging at you, a gap opens up; and in that gap your action falters. If there is no gap between your opponent’s striking sword and your action, the sword of the adversary will become your sword. A mind like a spark means the state of… Read more »

6 Tips for Healthy Summer Fun

Summer is here, and at Being Energy and Being Energy Medical, our minds are on the things we can do to enjoy it to its fullest. This week, I’d like to share my prescription for healthy living. These six, effective tips for energy and wellness are simple to incorporate and sustainable, no matter the weather. Adapted from… Read more »

One BE Precept in Real Life: Death as an Advisor

Dear Community, This is a story of the unexpected. It is about how the tools and practical wisdom from people of Mexico and Mesoamerica, as transmitted and enriched now by Being Energy, have helped me meet difficulties. There was a turning point for me back in February 2000. I was headed from my home city… Read more »

4 Steps to Free Your Breath

Here’s something to think about: What one thing can you live without for only minutes? Your breath! We can go without food for between three to four weeks, without water for three to five days, but without air, only about three minutes—unless you’ve been especially trained, which may give you an extra two minutes of… Read more »

5 Ways to Get the Most out of Exercise

Whether we love it or hate it, we all know that exercise is important to our health and longevity. Given that, why not have some fun with it and maximize our exercise routine for faster results? Physical activity helps both your body and mind stay strong, healthy and resilient. It helps you detoxify, oxygenate and… Read more »

One Powerhouse Supplement for Glowing Health

Called the “Mushroom of Immortality”, reishi is a powerhouse supplement with a variety of benefits. From its immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties to help with cancer and AIDS, it’s one of my favorite products. We incorporate reishi in our detoxification programs, and recommend it to help boost the immune system during flu season. Reishi may be the most highly respected… Read more »

4 Simple Steps: A Detox Recipe to Reenergize

Are you looking for more energy? Maybe you’ve been thinking about a detox program? It seems that everyone is talking about detoxing these days, but the trick can be incorporating a program into your life without disrupting your daily routine. The good news is that there are things that you can easily incorporate into your daily… Read more »

One Dream Takes the Stage as Another Ends: The Act of Being Energy

Hello, everyone! I am Elizabeth Carrillo. I live in Mexico City, I am a Being Energy teacher, and I work in the theater. I am living a dream that is unfolding. I studied Drama, Literature and Acting in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). After my graduation, some fellow students and I formed an… Read more »

7 Reasons to Try an Infrared Sauna Session

What can boost circulation, ease muscle tension, promote weight loss and activate the release of toxins from your system? An infrared sauna session. What’s even better: You get to relax while the sauna does all the work! Detoxification is a big theme for us right now—the spring season is a perfect time to detoxify and… Read more »

How Did My Heart Open?

What does it mean to have an open heart, and how do you get there? Here is how it happened for me, and why I’m inspired to help others open their hearts and lives. I have almost always been connected to my emotions. It started in childhood as a survival mechanism: I was tuned to… Read more »

Yum: A Green Smoothie that Tastes Great

What? Yes, that’s what we’re saying. Our Green Detox Smoothie is not only really good for you, but it actually tastes…great. Smoothies play a key role in the Being Energy Detox Program diet plan, for those who do well with raw vegetables. For good reason: They are packed with nutrition, easy to digest, quick to… Read more »

The One Label That Can Tell You What You Need to Know

It’s being fought tooth and nail, but the US Food and Drug Administration is considering adding one line to labels on packaged foods telling you how many teaspoons of sugar have been added to the product. It’s something you’d like to know, right? So why are food manufacturers lobbying so hard against it? It looks… Read more »

3 Ways to Create the Relationships You Want

Have you ever wondered how to fall in love again with your husband after 20 years of being together? What about how to renew your view of your friends, and let go of misinterpretations and judgments? How can you rebuild new, long-lasting, loving relationships? Our intimate relationships present rich learning opportunities for healing and inner… Read more »

How to Train Your Mind and Flourish

3 Ways to Detox This Spring Whether you’re conscious of it or not, your thoughts can either block or accelerate your energy. Get the tools to make way for more joy and abundance in your life. It seems like everywhere we turn lately, someone is talking about a detox program—juice programs, retreats, and all variety… Read more »

The Healing Power of Drumming

It is a great gift to know Suzanne Tribe, and to be having her join us for our BE workshop in Italy. She’s an amazing person, with a special ability to teach, inspire and guide others to heightened states of consciousness. We share here her thoughts on the power of drumming, its history on the... Read more »

Living with Vitality 24/7

What does it mean to have vitality 24/7? What does that look like? What picture comes to mind? Everything we do with Being Energy is aimed at feeling fully alive and expressing your greatest potential in life. The question is: What does this look like? Well, it’s different for every person, but at the center… Read more »

Freedom of Perception and Wonder: Our Time in the Yucatan

Energy can move in magical ways. It moved that way at last month’s BE workshop in Chichén Itzá. We’ve been back in LA for a couple of weeks already, and we still feel it in our bodies and minds and spirits. We continue to dream it and see how that potent experience is creating something… Read more »

When the Facts Aren’t the Facts: Depression, Drugs and Exercise

When it comes to facts, we don’t always get the real story. In fact, recent findings show that what we’ve been led to believe about antidepressants was cleverly skewed to favor drug companies. Surprising? For us, not so much. Drugs, while they can be of great benefit and are sometimes necessary, are also extreme. Rarely... Read more »

Reciprocity: My Encounter with Being Energy + with My Own Power

To my fellow travelers, to my grandmother Tava On the path We are all travel companions. No matter where we come from, Or where we are going. The end brings us together, And it certainty frees us. We are free to walk the trails, We are free to make new trails. My name is Crisólogo.… Read more »

Harness Your Sexual Energy

Does engaging in sexual activity energize or deplete you? Becoming aware of how your energy level rises or falls in relation to sex can help you increase your vitality bank account. Outside of cultural or moral ideas of sex, there is the reality of how it is in your body, for you uniquely and individually.… Read more »

Sounds of the Spirit

Dear Being Energy Community, Quetzal Calls – The Pyramid of Kukulcan Sings! As Miles and I prepare for our second trip to the Yucatán, to the magical city of Chichén Itza, we have some information to share with you that will make the hairs on the back of your neck rise! What do we know… Read more »

Energy, Awareness and Movement

Knowing Ourselves through Movement In Being Energy, we consider movement as the departure point for enhancing the awareness of who we are and how we relate to the world around us. When we talk about movement, we refer not only to the physical act of moving our limbs, for example, but also to the mental… Read more »

Energy to Follow Your Dreams

Dear Being Energy Community, Hello Everyone, my name is Keyco Sergio Contestí. I live in the city of Buenos Aires and want to tell you how I worked on a dream and how it taught me about the endless resources I didn’t know I had.  I currently work as an instructor of  yoga and Being… Read more »

Boost Your Immunity in ONE Simple Step!

Imagery for Immunity Research shows that our thoughts and feelings impact our physicality, from increased cortisol levels when we’re stressed to lowered immunity if we’re feeling depressed. Most of the time, we don’t consciously direct our thoughts for the benefit of our health, but we do have the power to do just that. Visualization is... Read more »

What Is Your Perfect Weight?

Your perfect weight is an individual expression of being in harmony with your soul. Ideals of beauty change through time and among cultures, but what is best for each of us is a unique matter. While obesity is a serious health issue that is tied to various diseases, the idea of optimal body weight can… Read more »

ENERGY for Real Changes in Our Lives

Dear Being Energy Community, In 1996, Carlos Castaneda urged me to make real long lasting changes in my life. He told me that true change comes from a place of energy. If you have no energy, you cannot make changes. It’s so cool to me that even though he told this to me almost 20… Read more »

Unconditional Love IS Possible–It Starts with Gratitude

Dear Being Energy Community, My name is Ariadna Vásquez Sansores and I want to tell you about my two last names, because they refer to a dream of the past, of magic and adventure stories. I was born in Campeche; well, I was actually born in Mexico D.F., but Libertad, my mother, believed that Campeche… Read more »

New Paradigms and Timeless Wisdom

Food: New Paradigms and Timeless Wisdom We all know that diet plays an important part in our health and wellbeing. But how what we eat affects our biology isn’t so clear, as evidenced by the diverse and often opposing diets promoted by trustworthy physicians. Should you eat for your blood type? Follow the Paleo Diet,… Read more »

Unconditional Love: Bridge the Gender Gap and Find Flow in Your Relationships

John Lennon’s song “Imagine” captures something fundamental—a natural longing for harmony and love. “Imagine all the people living for today… Imagine all the people living life in peace…” During the holiday season, the idea of peace on earth is especially present. We may be dreamers, but we’ve experienced and seen in others a transformation from… Read more »

Realize your New Year’s Resolutions in 2015

Most of us start each year with one or more resolutions that we hope to accomplish. Maybe you want to shed extra pounds gained over the holidays, or to get to the gym more regularly. But by the time March rolls around, these resolutions can seem like a distant memory. What happens? Usually, other things… Read more »

Welcoming 2015

Dear Being Energy Community, As the 2014 comes to a close, we wanted to give you the following ritual for bringing more joy and wondrous expansion into your life in the year ahead. Carlos Castaneda taught it to us many years ago, and we are grateful to be able to share it with you now.… Read more »

The Magic of the South – Luis Luna in the Spotlight

Dear Being Energy Community, Hello, my name is Luis. I live in the southern hemisphere, in Chile, in a city adjacent to sea and mountains, with native forests struggling to survive. This urban environment is nourished and cooled by seven lakes and wind, wind that throws us around bringing us messages of various colors that… Read more »

Saying Thank you – The first step for transformation

How to be thankful when you don’t feel thankful Once a year here in the U.S. (and elsewhere), we unite and in the thought to be thankful. Thanksgiving is a wonderful reminder to connect to the inner state of gratefulness and, when we are grateful, a whole cascade of neurochemicals is released in our bodies,… Read more »

The Key to Feeling More Energy? A Healthy Thyroid Gland!

Movement is the key to energy. It really is true! Of all the things we can do to stay energized and healthy, keeping our bodies moving is right there at the top—even, and maybe especially, when we feel sluggish. There are many reasons why we might not feel like being active, but a major one… Read more »

Luis Alonso – Recapitulating as a way of healing and finding your life’s purpose

Dear Energy Energy Community, My name is Luis Alonso. I live in Costa Rica where I have been fortunate to find experiences with biodiversity and nature. From an early age I have been feleing in touch with Mother Earth. At sixteen I encountered the work of Carlos Castaneda, and, since then, I realized that the… Read more »

Seduced by the Power of Love

In the height of the light from last week’s full moon, we found ourselves speaking to a crowd of five hundred enthusiastic people who had come from around the US and abroad to immerse themselves in a week-long workshop on Spirit and Consciousness. Organized by the Chopra Center, this biannual event has grown into a... Read more »

NOW-ing: Journeying into the Present Moment

Dear Worldwide Community, What blew my mind? Realizing that the present moment is not a physical place, or a time zone; it is not found or lost; it is not a “thing,” I cannot google it; it is not tangible, yet I can embody it. Most spiritual practices talk about the importance of living in... Read more »

Wonder: Changing the World

Dear Being Energy Community, What are you passionately curious about?  What fills you with wonder?  As practitioners of Being Energy®,  many of us have a deep connection to all or at least one aspect of the practice:  the movements, the guided explorations, or the Recapitulation practices.  We lose ourselves in the silence and connect to… Read more »


Dear Being Energy Community, My name is Gammadian Freeman. I was born in Kent, known as the garden of England. I enjoyed living a wild and free existence in nature, as a country boy by the sea, compared to a disciplined, Christian existence at home, which I did not enjoy as much. The dichotomy of… Read more »

Unfolding Wings: The Myth of the Plumed Serpent

Dear Being Energy Community, When did you unfold wings?  How did you do it? Lets start by looking at how we can apply the myth of the Plumed Serpent to our daily lives. First of all it calls for daring.  When we decide to do something new, we start a personal process of becoming, a… Read more »

Daily Classes: Sustaining Flow

Dear Being Energy Community: Some of us have a hard time building healthy habits and sustaining a daily practice.  Carlos Castaneda wrote in his book Tales of Power, “The only possible course that a warrior has is to act consistently and without reservations. At a certain moment he knows enough of the warrior’s way to… Read more »

Fluidity of Perception: Find Purpose, Daring and Joy

Dear Being Energy Community: What do we mean by being in Flow?  Think of how you feel when you exhale deeply.  Try it.  In that moment of letting go, of release, we acquiesce to something outside of us and to something within us. Carlos Castaneda described how the Mesoamerican shamans understood the universe as energy… Read more »

Teacher Explorer – New Perspectives to Transform Our World

Dear Being Energy Community, Hello BE community! My name is Aleida Gonzalez and I live in Monterrey, Mexico, in city surrounded by mountains. My vocation, as a therapist, led me to travel on divergent paths. I have learned a variety of methods that support my wellness and helping others. Something I really enjoy doing is… Read more »

A Dialogue of Celebration and Connection

Dear Being Energy Community, Our hearts fill with joy when the Being Energy community inspires us through their creative activities and group explorations of awareness. This coming weekend there are two communities of practitioners and friends who will be following a heart centered path to practice Being Energy® movements and meditations. They are cool and inspiring… Read more »

World Peace

Dear Being Energy Community, It has been shocking to read some of the stories in the news again after spending five days in our retreat in Hawaii. We have been inhaling pristine pure air, eating organic foods, celebrating mother nature, and connecting deeply into our souls while in different parts of the world hundreds of… Read more »

Kalani: A Recapitulation

Aloha Dear Community, We have just wrapped up an unforgettable experience at Hawaii. The retreat—the first 5-day event at Being Energy—was an ideal setting for the focus theme of the workshop: the recapitulation technique. Over the course of the five days, everything we did, the Being Energy® movements, the recapitulation sessions, was highlighted by the… Read more »

Teaching Children to Gather Energy

Dear Being Energy Community: When academic Erika Gavin first found the books of Carlos Castaneda she began a journey taking her from Padua University in northern Italy to Tijuana on the US border, devoting her life to the investigation of the mysteries of ancient Mexico. She first settled in Guanajuato, a colonial city in central… Read more »

Teacher’s Passion

Dear Being Energy Community, My name is Pilar Soro. I was born in a suburb in magical Barcelona, Spain, surrounded by pine trees and Earth. This experience produced in me a love of nature.   As a teacher, I have loved helping children in my class succeed in their studies. Actually, I observed that when they... Read more »

How Did You Wake Up?

Dear Being Energy Community, We are including three video links to help you get started with your recapitulation practice, that is, to start your day with a dreaming attention, to set your intent for a mindful day. As we move closer to the dream of In Pono, our topic for Hawaii, we feel the pull... Read more »

Engineering Family and Life

Channel Tunnel Engineer Helps Engineer Village Shop by Tim Ferreira Dear Being Energy Community, Tim Ferreira spent forty years with the largest civil engineering company in the UK building an island in Bahrain a dry dock in Iran, the Channel Tunnel between the UK and France, and travelling and working all over the world including… Read more »

Partnering with Non Profits

Dear Being Energy Community, We are including a link to our Kidneys and Adrenals Guided Exploration: We welcome you to join us in the guided meditation this week to acquaint yourself with and strengthen this powerful internal organ system! For the last 5 weeks, Miles and I have been teaching Being Energy® moves and energy… Read more »

Art – Creating and Building Dreams

Dear Being Energy Community, My name is Chris Osgood. I’m a painter, an artist. I’m also a Being Energy practitioner and a member of our Path With Heart family. I live in Lincolnville, a small Mid-coast Maine town, in the United States. I live and work on the property my grandparents purchased in the 1920’s... Read more »

Handling Intent

Dear Being Energy Community, “Every warrior on the path of knowledge thinks, at one time or another, that he’s learning sorcery, but all he’s doing is allowing himself to be convinced of the power hidden in his being, and that he can reach it.” –Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence This week we invite you… Read more »

The Mood of the Warrior

A doorway to conscious dreaming Dear Beings of Energy, This week, inspired by Being Energy® Teachers in Moscow, we are reflecting on the mood of the warrior and fashioning a mood of acknowledgment and gratitude.  We choose to think of ourselves as beings on a journey of awareness; we focus on spirit, consciousness, to guide… Read more »

In Pono – In Harmony with all our relationships

Aloha Community! Pono, a word from the Hawaiian language, represents the concept of being in harmony with all things. It includes the quality and the respectful loving caring relationship one has with oneself, with all the people in our lives, with the Earth and with Spirit, God, or the Universe. For example, to be in… Read more »

Inge Schouman in the Spotlight

Dear Being Energy Community, Hello, my name is Inge Schouman and I live in the Netherlands. About 23 years ago I moved from the “big city,” The Hague near the sea, to a small village, Hellendoorn, at the eastern part of my country to start my own business. More than 10 years ago, I sold… Read more »

Recapitulation: finding out who we really are

Dear Being Energy Community, The Recapitulation is a practice developed by sages in ancient Mexico. The technique guides one’s awareness back in time and space, making a quantum leap, to insert itself in specific moments of our lives where we “got stuck,” where we lost a part of ourselves. With the awareness of today, the… Read more »

Sexual Energy – How can you nourish your body and mind with sexual energy?

Dear BE Community, There is much taboo and ignorance on the topic of sex. We live in a world where prostitution and visual sexual stimulation as a lucrative global business market is in the top 3. Sex becomes a “visual” thing that doesn’t involve the totality of the self. Sex, as a product for immediate… Read more »

Leadership: Awakening our Hearts and Integrating New Views

Dear Being Energy Community, What skills does a leader need at a certain time in history? What does my idea of time have to do with my skills as a leader? Leaders set a direction for themselves and others, so in Being Energy® leadership starts with becoming a leader in one’s own life. As gatherers… Read more »

Time and Our Relationship with the Stars

Dear Being Energy Community One of the most fascinating concepts of the ancients is the concept of time.  We focus on time this week because it is something that seems to be escaping us, outside of our grasp. So we want to pause and reflect on the implications this concept has on cultivating awareness and... Read more »

Beth Hartley in the Spotlight

Dear Being Energy Community: My name is Beth Hartley and I am currently an Alaska Statewide Mentor, a position funded by the State of Alaska and run by the University of Alaska to support beginning teachers that have moved to teach in rural Alaska. The vision of the Alaska Statewide Mentor Project (ASMP) is that... Read more »

How Do You Love?

Dear Being Energy Community:  How do you Love? Where in your body do you find the feeling of Love? We asked these questions and more in our first class of the new Path with Heart Series: “The Art of Moving the Assemblage Point: Jumping Grooves” as part of our exploration to assemble new perceptions and… Read more »

Finding your Ideal Body Weight

Dear Being Energy Community: We are launching a new series of Being Energy weekly newsletters. We look forward to sharing practical ideas, experiences, relevant research, and guidance for creating and maintaining a vital, healthy and strong body-mind. We intend to focus on four areas, one each week: 1) Nutrition and Food, 2) The Wisdom that… Read more »

A Crack Between Worlds – Returning Home

We just arrived in Los Angeles after a week in Chichén Itzá, the most enigmatic City legacy of the Mayas where we taught our workshop and training called “A Crack Between Worlds”. We are truly honored and thankful. We are filled with colorful images and sounds from the jungle around us, and we are experiencing… Read more »

Guido Ortelli in the Spotlight

My name is Guido Ortelli. I am a physician specialized in psychiatry and have worked as a psychiatrist for more than thirty years in the National Mental Health Service in Italy. For years I have been researching in combining psychotherapy knowledge with energy fields and modalities. One of my biggest dreams was to work with… Read more »

Bernard Rooney in the Spotlight

Hello, my name is Bernard Rooney,  I am an artist from Australia. My great loves are to be in my studio at home, working on a woodcarving, or perhaps a painting - sharing/growing our home and garden with my partner Lisa and kids. We have the rainforest National Park virtually at our doorstep, featuring Antarctic... Read more »

Tom Reavley in the Spotlight

We are delighted to be launching our “Community Spotlight” where we will feature our community members. The purpose of this space is to share what each of us is doing, believing and living, to inspire each other to awake, grow, to add to the prosperity of our community and of the whole planet. Every month we will feature a member, so feel free send us your entry by writing a short note about yourself, including an optional 2’ video. We want to feature all of you!

For this month’s Spotlight, let us introduce you to Tom Reavley, one of our Being Energy teacher. Tom guides our Daily Online Fitness classes, it is an active leader of our Path with Heart Series, and has his own holistic health center in Mexico, where he currently lives. Read below, watch the video and get inspired!

Welcoming 2014

A magical practice to embrace the New Year Dear Community, A few days ago during the powerful Solstice time, you may have experienced the longest night or the longest day of the year depending on where you live. As we approach the end of 2013 and the beginning of a new journey around the Sun,… Read more »

Being Energy at the Benjamin Center, Los Angeles, CA Presentation by Dr. Miles Reid

We are excited about our recent Being Energy presentation to the Cancer Support Community at the Benjamin Center in West Los Angeles, CA. The audience of cancer patients, their relatives and educators, enthusiastically received the three-part series. We introduced the basic concepts and philosophy of Being Energy to first-time listeners, and shared an introductory set... Read more »

A journey into space at our recent Geneva Workshop

“A Crispy Click”

Glistening-in-Dreaming at our recent workshop in Moscow We just came back from a very profound experience in Moscow. This was our third workshop and training in Moscow, in the same martial arts studio. Each participant came with different  personal intents, in search of wellbeing, silence, answers to questions, in search of uplifting, inner calm and confidence.... Read more »

Can Movement Define Emotion?

This fascinating study looked at how posture and movement can effect one’s emotional state. The study measured the effects of movement, motor imagery and observation of whole-body expression (body language) of emotions—happiness, fear, sadness—on the affective state. The findings show that the deliberate control of motor behavior can regulate feelings. These findings highlight a key element… Read more »

A journey into space at our recent Geneva Workshop

Our third annual event in Geneva was a real life changer. The locale is a beautiful renovated chateau amidst forest and regal lawns overlooking Lake Geneva. All participants stay on the premises, and this intimate setting lends itself to focused introspective work. The theme this year, for this module 3 workshop, was "the crack between... Read more »

Moscow Workshop and Teacher Training Module 3 – About Dreaming

Moscow Workshop and Teacher Training Module 3 – The Crack Between Worlds

An Experience with Real Warriors

Regresar al Bienestar (Return to Wellness) I was honored to be part of a remarkable event last Saturday, September 14, in support of women with breast cancer. It was the first of four monthly events in downtown Los Angeles organized by The Cancer Support Community – Benjamin Center specifically to offer friendship and support for… Read more »

Inner Silence and The Crack Between Worlds

Dr. Reid describes Inner Silence and the "Crack Between Worlds", concepts that Carlos Castaneda guided him to understand and embody.

Get Stronger from the Inside Out

Being Energy’s Nutrition + Health class series is chockfull of practical information you can use to feel your best every day. These online classes are one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and your family. Our class on September 7th focused on maintaining healthy bones, muscles, tendons and joints. Here are some of… Read more »

Moscow Workshop and Teacher Training Module 3 – The Gates of Dreaming

Aerin and Yelena share what Carlos Castaneda taught about the Gates of Dreaming.

The Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico Applied to Modern Health

By Aerin Alexander The Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico Applied to Modern Health: Freedom of Perception Published in Yoga magazine, November 2011, in Buenos Aires, Argentina Back in the sixties, don Juan Matus described to Carlos Castaneda. the “conditioning of modern man”. He told him to be aware of how we are constrained by social… Read more »

Filled with Silence and Energy from Ojai Workshop

We just came back filled with silence and energy from our event at the Ojai Foundation. We spent the weekend gathering energy, experiencing silence, practicing movements, humming and finding our own sounds. We ate delicious organic foods and slept under the trees. We explored and acknowledged our blood families and our energetic lineages. “We are… Read more »

Being Energy’s Dr. Miles Reid on the Body as a Perceiver

Being Energy’s Dr. Miles Reid on Nutrition

Being Energy’s Dr. Miles Reid on Living a Path with Heart

The idea of living a Path with Heart is at the root of Being Energy. Our daily choices, feelings and thoughts determine the paths we walk, and this journey of being alive is enriched when we choose a Path with Heart. The heart is much more than we imagine. It is a center of perception... Read more »

Being Energy’s Dr. Miles Reid on Freedom of Perception

Being Energy’s Dr. Miles Reid on Death as an Advisor

Love Liberates–BE Workshop in Teotihuacan, Mexico, March 2012

Being Energy’s inaugural workshop and teacher training Module 1 wonderously unfolded in Teotihuacan, Mexico, in March 2012. It was an auspicious beginning, and an amazing experience for all who attended. We were invited to hold the workshop in Teotihuacan by the people of this ancient city, and to celebrate life and natures cycles. The vernal… Read more »

An Introduction to Being Energy®

Welcome to Being Energy®! Here is a little taste of who we are and what we want to share with you.

Gathering Energy Drumming with Being Energy®

Gathering Energy Form

This video shows a movement sequence to enhance vitality and wellbeing, and exemplifies some of what our students learn in our classes and workshops.

Brazilian News Interview with Aerin Alexander and Miles Reid, November 2011