Embracing this Moment: A personal note

Today Matters

Today is Solstice Day on our planet. It is a perfect day to review, shine light and dream new beginnings, to acknowledge, to see the high side in our life and in our relationships.

So, I begin this sorcerers’ entry, this personal blog, saying thank you, thank you! To each one of you, fellow navigators, dreamers, warriors of the path, patients and friends. We have been in relationship for many years, and I am grateful that you are part of my life, and that in sharing a common intent, we are de facto sharing our paths to knowledge.

For me, this is a moment of personal changes. A new phase, in which my wife and I have set new paths. It was the culmination of a gradual process over time, as if the force of life drew us to it, until it became so. Life and death, review and renew, destiny. Through the challenges that this brought, I sought out to navigate it with open heart and support, to be elegant and generous, to checking in regularly with my higher self, to being grateful and careful.

As life reorganizes within me and around me, I continue navigating this process.

And in this new time, I feel that I am catching up with the nagual’s dream for me, my teacher, Carlos Castaneda; or, that a new threshold has arrived in that manifestation.

A time for recapitulation

When I was 16, during my sophomore year in high school, I had a sub teacher, Julio Alfano, who came into the classroom for one day and ended up becoming a mentor. He showed me that there was a world of spirit, and that one could have a glimpse into the soul through the eyes. It was like a revelation at the time, coming from a family of pure scientists.

From that triggering event, I dived into learning all I could about Hinduism, Buddhism, New Age and Native practices to awaken my spirit.

Soon after, I encountered the books of Carlos Castaneda. They hit me like a rock. What he wrote made total sense to me! I loved that it proposed the body as the perceiver and an integral part of the experience of spirit. I walked along the streets reading his books, I read them during the bus ride and after school, taking it all in, completely.

Years later, through the most unlikely of circumstances, I came to meet him in person. Literally, spirit placed me in the situation, and, immediately, the doors opened. The next day, Carlos Castaneda took me to lunch and, as he was leaving, he stopped for a moment from his car, rolled down the window, and said to me: “Spirit pointed you out to me to make a bridge between the knowledge of Don Juan and medicine. That’s why you are here.”. Then, he left.

My Life is Transformed Forever

Soon after, I moved in with some of the other direct apprentices. I fully entered into the seer’s world, and it engulfed me completely. It felt like a final proposition, all in.

At first, I had no awareness of any social role such as teaching his work, it was all about the unfathomable personal journey alongside him and his closest cohorts, wherever he took me regardless of what activity it included.

Then, I understood that the workshops were a main part of what he was trying to do, to have us act as translators of what he had learnt from Don Juan, and create a structure for opening his inherited lineage. And this mission became foremost in my experience.

During those years, learning and practicing the energy passes was a central aspect of the apprenticeship, and I loved loved those movements! My body seemed to absorb them in, directly into my cellular memory. He put me on to lead the men instructors onstage, he pulled me into a dream project that then became the book Magical Passes, he became more than a mentor, he was a father like figure for me, a representation of a side of the world that my birth father never knew and could never guide me through.

Preparing for the New Time

The last year of his life, as time begun to run short, the intensity of the apprenticeship reached almost a frantic pace and depth. It felt like we were traveling across space and time at high speed. The formulation Awareness Through Harmony came to be during that time. It was a final proposition from him, from the lineage, before he left, that men and women, working in harmony with each other, would reawaken humanity’s original birthright of evolution. The nagual teamed me up with one of our fellow apprentices, Zaia, to form a pair representing this proposition, in conjunction with teaching the ancient Seer’s Code, which became the sole theme in all workshops, from that moment on until and through his death.

After his departure, there was a reorganization between his apprentices, and some of us continued to represent him in the public, while others went on with their private lives. For ten years, we taught workshops and developed practice groups throughout the world; finally, mainly four of his direct apprentices continued teaching.

Eventually, differences between the four became impossible to bridge, and the two of us and the other two apprentices agreed that each would, moving forward, act as different expressions of the same lineage, Cleargreen and Being Energy, the name that we gave at that time to our representation of his work.

In co-founding Being Energy, I wanted to make all of Carlos Castaneda’s knowledge available through our lenses, our experience, and through an emphasis on ‘the new time’ that we belonged to, as he had told us. We wanted to teach others so that they could also teach Castaneda’s work, not just us. That was a huge component of our intent. We organized his teachings into modules, we trained teachers around the world, and a wonderful community coalesced, where our direct experiences of the nagual as his apprentices, augmented with other forms of knowledge and science, shared a journey with like-minded seekers from all around the world, all in the context of following a personal path with heart.


Seven years ago, we founded the Energy Life Sciences Institute, as an evolution in our work, another name we gave to our representation of his teachings, and, from that moment on, we continued to represent Carlos Castaneda from both entities.

During the time leading BE and ELSI, we both became the faces of one same intent and message, with our individual expressions represented within them. We worked a lot, traveled a lot and taught a lot. And formed incredible, durable relationships with many of you as practitioners, warrior-travelers and collaborators.

And now, more recently, we have undergone a personal evolution in our relationship as a couple, and as a result of this, the need for a new expression of our work emerged, moving forward. How best and most functionally carry this intent? With this in mind, we decided that I will continue through ELSI and Aerin through BE. In my heart, for my inner journey, it was an act of love, in its purest form.

Embracing This Moment 1

New Formulations in the horizon

Today, Being Energy, Energy Life Sciences and Cleargreen, (in whatever capacity they may be operating at this time), are the three expressions of the lineage of Carlos Castaneda that are guided by his direct apprentices.

Since our separation announcement, I have been asked “How can we continue to see you? Will you continue to teach classes and workshops?”

Yes! Through Energy Life Sciences, I will continue to offer educational and experiential classes and workshops, online and on site. The Institute will also establish meaningful collaborations with other leaders and organizations with whom we share a common intent for the planet, and for the awakening of our human potential.

Stay tuned!

I feel a new sense of purpose, I ’see’ what the nagual meant with his proposition, that first day in the parking lot. Because my own journey with medicine has lead me to this point where, for me, there is a new medicine, a new basis for health in the 21st century. Physical health—our body, our emotions, and our thoughts, together with having an energy context in daily life, and developing a personal relationship to Spirit, are the three cornerstones of this new medicine. We need these other areas of life awoken, in order to be healthy in a complex world.

The relationship to Spirit includes our experience of the abstract, of mystery, of the human potential. The mystery of awareness, the domain of seeing energy and dreaming. The dive into other states of attention, into the unknown and the unknowable. These are the legacy of the ancient shamans, the gift left to us, that I will continue to carry forward, with the same commitment. It is a pragmatic gift, one to be applied now and to every moment. I know no better boost to feel life expanded and at its fullest within me.

In Rumi’s Field

I have been thinking recently that, what we already know from physics and chemistry, like that our brains work through entanglement principles, or that physical world reality is truly an expression of our particular perception, our position as observers, has thrusted us into a new territory as human beings, where the practices and understanding of shamanism can bring to the table synchronistic elements, that can result in giving us a more sophisticated capacity to thrive in our world.

The spirit of the nagual is with us. I can see him. He is having nothing with complaints about the world, or about this or other person, he is having a ball. His eyes are full of light, he is fully plugged in, fully filled with life. He smiles to me, and I smile back.

There is much to be done! To learn, to discover, to give. To feel anew and truly, from our hearts. My sail is into the horizon, where Spirit awaits us. There I go, there we go, carrying all of that where we came from, in respect, in awe and with appreciation.*

An embrace,
Dr. Miles Reid


*The views in this blog reflect my personal experiences only.

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