The Energy Life Sciences Institute® Clinic offers the unique Being Energy® Methodology to help prevent, maintain and sustain a well-balanced mind, body and spirit for greater health, fulfillment and happiness.

Your health concerns are thoroughly evaluated by our skilled team of practitioners who specialize in specific areas of health and wellness. Treatment plans are customized to your needs for healing, pain relief, and prevention. We offer ongoing support with online classes and workshops, onsite retreats and Skype consultations.

Today, you don’t just want to get by—you want ongoing support for your long-term health, energy, and vitality. The Energy Life Sciences Clinic provides integrative health and wellness solutions based on the latest scientific findings and time-tested methodologies. We cut through the complex, conflicting information out there to give you a clear, step-by-step plan for increasing your energy and feeling your best.

Utilizing Being Energy, we create a personalized Health Solutions plan for you that incorporates alternative and complementary medicine, movement and education. Your plan may include acupuncture, herbal formulas, functional medicine, Life Movement classes, detoxification programs, infrared sauna sessions, massage therapy, Neuro-care therapy or shamanistic healing.

Along with your treatment plan, you’ll be introduced to the Being Energy principles for creating positive behaviors that increase your vitality and energy. In particular, you’ll learn:

  • Specialized exercises called Being Energy Passes, acupressure points and breathing techniques that are easy to use
  • Nutrition tips and information about how your diet, thoughts and emotions affect your body
  • Recapitulation techniques for greater self-awareness, emotional healing and inner silence



We work with you and monitor your health step-by-step to ensure complete rehabilitation and a sustained healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.


Initial consultation. Your initial consultation takes place at The Energy Life Sciences Institute with Dr. Miles Reid, where we will go over your desired optimal health goals, and you will receive a detailed explanation of your Being Energy Health Solutions protocol. The consultation includes scheduling of diagnostic tests as needed and detailed questionnaires about how you spend your energy. You will also receive a set of guidelines for things that you can start implementing right away from home.


Follow-up consultations. In follow-up consultations, you and Dr. Reid will discuss your test results and your Being Energy Health Solution plan will be customized to achieve your health and energy goals. As part of your in-depth program, we will schedule appointments (as prescribed) with our Energy Life Sciences Institute specialists in acupuncture, nutrition and movement.


Treatments. Prescribed treatments and instructions for product usage are given to you during every session by our Energy Life Sciences Institute professionals.


Health Maintenance Program. To maintain your optimal health and vitality, your customized Being Energy Health Solutions plan will be adjusted as appropriate with each follow-up consultation. This is your key to rejuvenation and maintaining optimal health and energy.


Below is an example outline of what to expect with your Being Energy Pain and Disease Reversal plan.


  • In-person consultation with Energy Life Sciences Institute professionals
  • Comprehensive assessments of your health and energy
  • Comprehensive physical body evaluation
  • Various physical tests prescribed or recommended (as needed)

Mind/Body/Lifestyle Evaluation

  • Comprehensive lifestyle and body consciousness evaluation
  • Mind/body/emotions/spirit self-assessment questionnaires
  • In-person consultation to ascertain how your lifestyle aligns with living a healthful life

Acupuncture Treatments

  • Number of treatments will be determined during your consultation based on your needs
  • Treatments with Dr. Miles Reid and/or Being Energy Life Sciences Institute practitioner

Nutrition Coaching

  • One-on-one nutrition counseling
  • Customized diet plan tailored to your needs and preferences

Life Movement Training

  • Life Movement Training sessions with Aerin Alexander, which may include Feldenkrais® Method, GYROTONIC® Expansion System and other modalities depending on your needs (exact number of sessions also based on your particular needs and goals)

Mind/ Spirit Coaching

  • One-on-one mind-body therapies, including guided imagery and recapitulation
  • Customized behavior modification at-home support tools

Exercise and Massage Therapy

  • Exercise therapy
  • Massage therapy