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Upcoming Being Energy® Teacher Training – Courageous Women

Women’s Coaching Program - Courageous Women Are you feeling overwhelmed from daily demands? Exhausted from multitasking? And running on empty from satisfying everyone else’s needs except yours?  Here is your support! The space you need to unwind, focus and feel vibrant again. Join my coaching program and learn techniques to reset, calm down and show... Read more »

Upcoming Being Energy Teacher Training – Stop Anxiety, Gain Immunity

Stop Anxiety. Gain Immunity. Do you feel restless inside and you don’t even know why, like a sticky mood you can’t push off? Do you wish you could stop the anxieties and phobias? Do you want to teach others to restore calm and health? Description Join this Being Energy® Teacher Training to create your own... Read more »

Twelve Weekly Live Classes ‘Embrace Endings’ Begins December 6

PATH WITH HEART Twelve Weekly Live online classes begins December 6! Has the pandemic got you in a corner of uncertainty and anxiety? Are you feeling tired and trapped in negative self-talk? Revitalize and shift to positive and uplifting thoughts to support yourself and your family. In our classes you learn movement and breath sequences... Read more »

Taller en Línea en Español el 5 de Diciembre

HERRAMIENTAS PARA NAVEGAR LA INCERTIDUMBRE “Buscar la perfección del espíritu del guerrero es la única tarea digna de nuestra transitoriedad y de nuestra condición humana”– Carlos Castaneda Taller en línea el 5 de Diciembre, desde las 9:00 a 12:00 Horas del Pacífico – Lee los detalles debajo. Descripción En este tiempo de incertidumbre y preocupaciones... Read more »

Ten Live Online Meditation Sessions Begin November 12

Appointments with Inner Silence “Once Inner Silence is attained, anything is possible.” – Carlos Castaneda New cycle of 10 sessions begins November 12 - Read details below. Description Slowing down can be precious and enjoyable!  Join these gatherings both Online from your device or in person at Tom Reavley’s studio in Guanajuato, Mexico on Thursdays mornings... Read more »

Video Library Feed Your Soul + 25 Videos!

Feed your Body + Spirit Video Library: Expand Your Possibilities for Healing Gain access to all of Dr. Miles. Reid’s Nutrition + Health Classes! Each class video is approximately 90- to 120-minutes long and is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation with highlights from the class. For just $16.99 per month, gain access to this exclusive... Read more »

Video Library Exercises for Vitality! + 70 Videos!

BE Daily Mind + Spirit Video Library: Your Monthly Pass to Vitality! Awaken and invigorate your body anywhere, anytime! We’re delighted to be able to share these live recordings of our daily Body + Mind + Spirit classes. For a monthly subscription of just $6.99, access over 80 videos (and growing!) of BE’s daily 30-minute classes. Choose... Read more »

21-Day Detox Program Revitalize Your Body Today!

Energy Life Science Institute’s Detox Program is a unique program, complete with all the resources you need to detoxify and boost your vitality. The program can be tailored to your specific needs. Detoxify Your Body and Spirit What is the Energy Life Science Institute Detox Program? Our exclusive program was designed by Dr. Miles Reid, and... Read more »

Free Online Class Videos to Watch Anytime!

Find below Recordings of our Worldwide Events, ready to watch at anytime! The Peaceful Warrior THEME: Winter Solstice Celebration: The Peaceful Warrior DURATION: 60 minutes LANGUAGES: English , with simultaneous translation to Spanish and Russian through Teamspeak. Your Core THEME: Your Core DURATION: 60 minutes LANGUAGES: English , with simultaneous translation to Spanish and Russian... Read more »

Nine Dreaming Classes Begin November 4

THE MAYAN'S CALL Gazing and Dreaming Awake Classes “The essence of the universe resembles incandescent threads stretched into infinity in every conceivable direction, luminous filaments that are conscious of themselves in ways impossible for the human mind to comprehend”. – Carlos Castaneda The cycle of 9 sessions begins November 4 – Read details below. Description In... Read more »