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United in Vitality Free Online Classes Begin March 23

Restore your Vitality, your Sanity and your Joy Today, more than ever, we need to move and breathe, unite and support each other. In these challenging times, it is vital to boost our health and experience calm. To join the positive global forces we offer our time and skills for the benefits of all. Our... Read more »

Teacher Training on Dreaming – Begins April 4

BEING ENERGY® LIFE EDUCATION PROGRAM  The Gates of Dreaming Description The Gates of Dreaming was defined by our teacher Carlos Castaneda and refers to levels of awareness we can access in wakefulness and sleep states. Through directing and focusing one’s attention on specific items in a dream or in our daily life, we can experience... Read more »

Twelve Weekly Live Classes New Cycle Begins June 7

PATH WITH HEART The Warrior's Quest: To Experience Freedom! “Dreaming is an active pursuit and requires the mood and the skills of warriors,” Carlos Castaneda once told us. It was later in our apprenticeship that he introduced dreaming as a focused practice to experience new descriptions and new states of consciousness. He suggested that we deepen the... Read more »

Video Library Exercises for Vitality! + 70 Videos!

BE Daily Mind + Spirit Video Library: Your Monthly Pass to Vitality! Awaken and invigorate your body anywhere, anytime! We’re delighted to be able to share these live recordings of our daily Body + Mind + Spirit classes. For a monthly subscription of just $6.99, access over 80 videos (and growing!) of BE’s daily 30-minute classes. Choose... Read more »

Ten Live Online Meditation Sessions Begin March 19

Appointments with Inner Silence “Once Inner Silence is attained, anything is possible.” – Carlos Castaneda New Cycle Begins March 19, 2020 - Read details below. Description Slowing down can be precious and enjoyable!  Join these gatherings both Online from your device or in person at Tom Reavley’s studio in Guanajuato, Mexico on Thursdays mornings and evenings.... Read more »

Free Online Class Videos to Watch Anytime!

Find below Recordings of our Worldwide Events, ready to watch at anytime! The Peaceful Warrior THEME: Winter Solstice Celebration: The Peaceful Warrior DURATION: 60 minutes LANGUAGES: English , with simultaneous translation to Spanish and Russian through Teamspeak. Your Core THEME: Your Core DURATION: 60 minutes LANGUAGES: English , with simultaneous translation to Spanish and Russian... Read more »

21-Day Detox Program Revitalize Your Body Today!

Energy Life Science Institute’s Detox Program is a unique program, complete with all the resources you need to detoxify and boost your vitality. The program can be tailored to your specific needs. Detoxify Your Body and Spirit What is the Energy Life Science Institute Detox Program? Our exclusive program was designed by Dr. Miles Reid, and... Read more »

Video Library Feed Your Soul + 25 Videos!

Feed your Body + Spirit Video Library: Expand Your Possibilities for Healing Gain access to all of Dr. Miles. Reid’s Nutrition + Health Classes! Each class video is approximately 90- to 120-minutes long and is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation with highlights from the class. For just $16.99 per month, gain access to this exclusive... Read more »