Workshop in Sestri Levante – Awareness Through Harmony

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May 20 - May 21

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This May in Europe with Dr. Miles Reid!

Workshop in Sestri Levante, May 20-21 “Awareness Through Harmony”

An Exploration of the Male and the Female, in a New Era for Relationships

Sestri Levante, Italy May 20-21
Hotel Grande Albergo

Experience a space within you beyond divisions, complete, silent


There is an ancient Chinese concept that when Yang is in plenitude there is already the start of a seed of Yin. In the world of 2023 today, as division and des-integration abound, we can catch a glimpse as well of the beginning of a new understanding as vehicles for advancing human consciousness. And with this, the possibility of a new physiology in our bodies.

Avo -The male and female polarity within us is the essential division that exists to our experience of being whole. The Arab mathematicians of the ninth century formulated the idea of fractions, and they used the word avo to refer to the partition. In formulating this idea, they noticed that once a whole is partitioned, it can continue to divide forever, just as our perceived differences between male and female can continue to divide forever,

But there will be always for eternity, a space between the fractions. Avo represents that unifying space, avo is, then, Infinity. For a shaman, infinity is freedom, sought, but not attainable.

My teacher Carlos Castaneda focused on a proposition he called Awareness through Harmony. Harmony between the sexes, an ideal of a new form of relationship between men and women, between the feminine and the masculine. Within ourselves, and with the opposite gender. From this state of the self, all our other endeavors in the world change.

We need this new construct, i is our next step in evolution. We need this new quality right now, this new affirmation, and to live it in our daily lives.

  • Practice Movements to Reorganize your body’s Energy and Vitality, called energy passes
  • Enter into Hightened States of Awareness
  • Learn how to use Energy to make Decisions
  • Visualize a new chemistry in your body
  • Experience the voice of your Internal Organs

The shamans of ancient Mexico believed that each one of us is the possessor of a cache of energy that permits us to live our lives. This cache of energy is enough for us to remake ourselves, to attain inner silence and catch a glimpse of Infinity.

In Awareness Through Harmony, the invitation we are extended is an ideal: to use this cache of energy to reach a level of harmony so complete that none of us would have words to explain it or describe it. In order to align with this new feeling within us, which is in the same order as to say with our opposite gender, we need to reach a level of profound amenity and affinity between these two polarities inside our inner world. Then, we can bring this harmony out into our relations in the outer world.

How do we enter into a level of awareness to become a man and a woman with no desire to establish any preconceived scenarios of inferiority or superiority? The reward is a feeling of abandonment and freedom; it changes our decision making. And decision making is the critical skill we need for our world.

Experience how to energize your decisions with this 30′ practice:

The workshop will take place by the Mediterranean coast of Liguria, and it includes a special evening session  for Journeying in the Sea of Awareness , with guest teacher Elisa Bava, who will guide participants**, through a non linear use of the vocal chords, to move the assemblage point, in order to foster a state of inner silence, ideal for such journeying.

In this state, one can even reach into the unified space, the space between the male-female polarity, the place of Avo, or infinity.

** via live or online

Combine the workshop with a set of treatments for maximum impact and results!

During treatments you get:

  • A Personal Coaching on the Warrior’s Way
  • A Personal Tuina Bodywork & Acupuncture
  • A Personal Nutritional and Herbal Prescription
  • A Personal Energy Pass Prescription


Friday May 19

10:00 to 19:00 Hrs. Individual Treatments

Saturday May 20

10:00 to 13:00 Hrs. Workshop Morning Session
13:00 to 15:00 Hrs. Lunch
15:00 to 18:00 Hrs. Workshop Afternoon Session 18:00 to 19:00 Hrs. Snack 19:00 to 21:00 Hrs. Workshop Evening Session 21:00 hrs Dinner

Sunday May 21

10:00 to 13:00 Hrs. Workshop Morning Session 13:00 Hrs. Lunch. 15:00 to 19:30 Hrs. Individual Treatments

Monday May 22

10:00 to 19:00 Hrs. Individual Treatments

Tuesday May 23

10:00 to 13:00 Hrs. Individual Treatments

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ITALY ph +39 346 088 2114 Pier Paolo Brescia
ph +39 350 063 7286 Emanuele Paganini

Awareness Through Harmony – Sestri Levante, Italy


May 20 & 21
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