Dr. Miles Reid

Master of Healing and Founder,
Energy Life Sciences Institute

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“I want you to trust in your ability to heal, because it is there, deeply wired into your biology; to consider that you can feel and talk to your organs; to remember that life is precious and that your body and spirit are already connected inside of you.”

Dr. Miles Reid embodies the Power of a Healer.

An integrative medicine practitioner, mind-body educator, and National Diplomate in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology, Dr. Reid is committed to providing the highest quality medical care, integrating Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and shamanism for a uniquely holistic and effective healthcare approach. After receiving his Medical Doctor degree in Argentina, where he grew up, Dr. Reid returned to his native USA to further his medical education beyond the conventional Western model, studying shamanism with the renowned Carlos Castaneda and earning a Masters with highest honors at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Monica, California.

Dr. Reid intuitively and practically understands the impact that the complexities of modern life have on our health and wellbeing. He works with you to release stored negativity, heal illness and injury, increase your vitality and enjoy complete mind/body health.

Integrating East/West Philosophies

Dr. Miles Reid practices Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine to rebalance the mind and body and help you find and maintain optimal health. He is also dedicated to the modern application of shamanistic principles as taught to him by his mentor Carlos Castaneda. As Castaneda said, “If we bring energy to the centers of life and vitality in our bodies, the sky is the limit.”

Miles Reid was born into a family of physicians, and developed a passion for medicine at an early age. Working as a resident after earning his Medical Doctor degree summa cum laude, he became especially interested in alternative and complimentary healing practices, and in understanding the inner workings of the human body and spirit.

Dr. Reid co-founded Being Energy® and the Energy Life Sciences Institute® in Los Angeles, California. He directs the Institute and travels internationally to see patients and present workshops that incorporate cutting edge science into movement, guided visualizations and other shamanistic practices.

Dr. Reid is among those leading the way in the Integrative Energy Movement toward Health, and brings to the world an integrative solution for the dedicated advancement of healing methods and societal wellbeing. Dr Miles Reid is the spokesperson for the Energy Life Sciences Institute and the ELSI Methodology.