“La Dolce Vita” An Intimate Lead with Love Signature Retreat in Italia

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September 23 - September 30

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Saturday, September 23, 2023 4:00 PM
Saturday, September 30, 2023 11:00 AM

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Dr. Miles Reid

An integrative medicine practitioner, mind-body educator, and National Diplomate in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology, Dr. Reid is committed to providing the highest quality medical care, integrating Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and shamanism for a uniquely holistic and effective healthcare approach. After receiving his Medical Doctor degree summa cum laude in Argentina, where he grew up, Dr. Reid returned to his native USA to further his medical education beyond the conventional Western model, studying shamanism with the renowned Carlos Castaneda and earning a Masters with highest honors at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Monica, California.

Miles integrates a holistic vision of health, with a focus on Functional Medicine, energy and nutrition and incorporating Spiritual Psychology, of which he completed a postgraduate certification at the University of Santa Monica, California, with the practices and principles of shamanism, in which he has been immersed for 25 years, under the direct guidance of Carlos Castaneda. Miles is one of two apprentices demonstrating the energy passes in the book Magic Passes, as well as one of the leading guides to Castaneda’s shamanistic teachings internationally, from its inception to the present.

Miles intuitively and practically understands the impact that the complexities of modern life have on our health and wellbeing. He works with you to release toxins and negativity, heal illness and injury and increase your vitality, awareness and enjoy for a complete mind/body/spirit health goal.

Integrating East/West Philosophies

Dr. Miles Reid practices Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine to rebalance the mind and body and help you find and maintain optimal health. He is also dedicated to the modern application of shamanistic principles as taught to him by his mentor Carlos Castaneda. As Castaneda said, “If we bring energy to the centers of life and vitality in our bodies, the sky is the limit.”

Miles Reid was born into a family of physicians, and developed a passion for medicine at an early age. Working as a resident after earning his Medical Doctor degree he became especially interested in alternative and complimentary healing practices, and in understanding the inner workings of the human body and spirit.

As a doctor, healer and shaman, Dr. Reid is among those leading the way in the integrative energy movement toward health and awareness, and brings to the world an integrative solution for the dedicated advancement of healing methods, high states of awareness and societal wellbeing. Dr Miles Reid is the spokesperson for the Energy Life Sciences Institute and the ELSI Methodology.

Gina Murdock

Gina Murdock is an Aspen, Colo. based writer, yoga and meditation teacher, inspirational speaker and community organizer and a mother of identical twin girls! She is the founder of the Aspen Yoga Society, The Aspen City of Wellbeing, Lead with Love, The Love Ninjas and the Mind, Body, Spirit Rx content brand. Gina’s mission is to shift culture from fear to love from the inside out. All of her endeavors are intended to help people thrive and find joy, freedom and peace in mind, body and spirit. Gina and her husband Jerry created and support the Mind, Body, Spirit Series at The Aspen Institute hosting speakers and events to raise consciousness and honor “The Aspen Idea”. Murdock has a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica with a special emphasis on consciousness, health, and healing. Gina is a certified Chopra yoga and meditation teacher as well as a certified Bikram and Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher and retreat guide who teaches internationally. Gina is also a published author and inspirational public speaker known for humor, enthusiasm, authenticity and vulnerability.

Gina is passionate about optimal wellbeing for the planet and people and leading from the heart. Her absolute belief is that we always have a choice and we can choose love over fear when given the tools and creating the awareness to do so. Gina is a founding member of Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Self Directed Biological Transformation Initiative and has willingly submitted her body to science to prove the effectiveness of mind/body practices on optimal health! Gina is an active board member of the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES), The Center for Living Peace, The Aspen Brain Institute and CASA of the Ninth as well as an advisor to The Chopra Foundation and CTZNWELL. Gina is a former radio and newspaper journalist and contributor to Origin Magazine and Mantra Yoga and Health Magazine . She continues to write a monthly column for The Aspen Times as well as publish a monthly newsletter for Lead with Love called “Founder’s Letter”. Gina lives by these mantras: “Let the beauty you love, be what you do.” (Rumi); “Be the change you wish to see in the world” (Gandhi); and “WOOO-HOOO!” (Gina)

Elisa Bava

Professional singer and performer, vocal coach, certified sound therapist, 200 hrs yoga teacher, Elisa Bava strongly believes in the healing power of sound and movement.

After 15 years touring all over the world, recording for international djs, signing with Universal Music, taking part in music competitions such as “Eurovision Song Contest”, she’s now devoted to utilizing her voice and her profound connection to music as a healing and transformational tool.

She will guide you through practices that will facilitate release, help you find your voice, ignite your creativity, empower and rebalance your whole system.

From group activities to private sessions, there will be endless possibilities to work with your own sound and vibration with her.

And since she’s spent most of her life on stage, she’s always up for some fun dancing moves and will easily start a party that involves crazy outfits and singalongs! So be ready!

Elisa is also 100% Italian, loves Italian culture, food and wine and will be our first-hand connection to the beautiful Land that will host our retreat.




*Separate Booking Required
  • Medical Healing, Spiritual Psychology, Shamanistic Healing & Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Modalities:
  • Traditional Acupuncture and Shamanistic Acupuncture
  • Nutritional medicine and Herbal Medicinals Prescriptions
  • Tuina, Therapeutic Bodywork and Cupping
  • Systems Biology, Lab Interpretation and Functional Medicine
  • Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Movements Exercises & Energy Redeployment through Energy Passes*
  • Perception and Consciousness Development
  • Intention Skills and Guided Imagery

* Energy passes are movements and breaths, practiced either standing, sitting or on the mat, that originate in a tradition of shamans from ancient Mexico, and which bring an increase in vitality, awareness and energy in those who practice them.

Watch a sample energy pass that you can practice anytime, anyplace!

Energy Pass 1
Energy Pass 2