Workshops & Collaborations 2023

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We are launching an umbrella theme this year, which will be developed around men & women workshops and collaborations with other teachers and organizations:

“Awareness Through Harmony”

An Exploration of the Male and Female, and a New Era for Relationships

There is an ancient Chinese concept that when Yang is in plenitude there is already the start of a seed of Yin. In the world of 2023 today, as division and des-integration abound, we can catch a glimpse as well of the beginning of a new understanding as vehicles for advancing human consciousness. And with this, the possibility of a new physiology in our bodies.

My teacher proposed a seed for this emergence, an advance runner so to speak. He called it intersubjectivity, as in a new shared agreement. During the last year of Carlos Castaneda’s life, all the focus and all the energy he taught in workshops around the globe, focused towards a proposition he called Awareness through Harmony. Harmony between the sexes, an ideal of a new form of relationship between men and women, between the feminine and the masculine. Within ourselves, and with the opposite gender. From this state of the self, all our other endeavors in the world change.

We need this new construct, i is our next step in evolution. We need this new quality right now, this new affirmation, and to live it in our daily lives.

We can say: I want to be in the front of the train of my life, of my evolution.

How can get to ‘the front of the train’? That is the quintessential invitation to you, here at this upcoming and quite unique Personal Retreat:

  • Learn about using Energy to make Decisions
  • Receive Tuina Chinese Bodywork & Acupuncture
  • Practice unique Movements to Reorganize your body’s Energy and Vitality, called energy passes
  • Get a Personal Nutritional and Herbal Prescription
  • Visualize a new chemistry in your body
  • Enter into Higher states of Awareness
  • Experience talking to your Internal Organs and to the Land where you live.

The shamans of ancient Mexico believed that each one of us is the possessor of a cache of energy that permits us to live our lives. This cache of energy flows in a specific direction. They believed this specific direction was not anything inherently final, but was made to look final by the processes of socialization, and its subsequent enforcement through habit and usage.

In Awareness Through Harmony, the invitation we are extended is an ideal: to reach a level of harmony so extraordinary that none of us would have words to explain it or describe it. In order to align with this feeling and behavior between our male and female energies, which is in the same order as to say with our opposite gender, we need to reach a level of profound amenity and affinity between the two.

How do we enter into a level of awareness to become a man and a woman with no desire to establish any preconceived scenarios of inferiority or superiority? The reward is a feeling of abandonment and freedom; it changes our decision making. And decision making is the critical skill we need for our world.

What if we could help each other to arrive at a moment of egolessness?

And make daily decisions from that state?

In this event, we hope to transmit this mood of greater awareness through harmony to you.

More information and details forthcoming!

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