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Our Organs Have Their Own Consciousness And We Can Talk to Them

organs have their own consciousness

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My teacher Carlos Castaneda taught me this:

Our Organs Have Their Own Consciousness And We Can Talk to Them

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the departure of my dear teacher and guide Carlos Castaneda. I met him in the mid-nineties as a young doctor looking for a deeper meaning in my path as a healer to people.

My life brought me to him without looking for it.

Not long before, as a medical resident in Bariloche, Argentina, I had wanted to go in all the way into the medical knowledge. I come from a family of doctors and scientists, where hard work and dedication to the ethics of truth was a strong value.

our organs have their own consciousnessThanks to high grades, luck and daring, I managed to get into a unique and prestigious program where I was left as the front person in charge of the ER (Emergency Room) every four nights. It was an exciting and also daunting all-in immersion into hospital life that got me dealing with all kinds of medical issues and emergencies. I practically lived in the clinic, and assisted in trauma, strokes, heart attacks or child births.

I had the experience of dealing with life and death decisions, of seeing the mystery of the body healing miraculously and the humbling presence of death in my hands. Life was fast, and surprising. Yet, I missed the touch of a larger, more encompassing view.

In many occasions, the tools I had been given as a Western MD couldn’t help me; It could only take me so far and a more holistic view became a necessity.

One such day, during my night shift, a patient died on my watch.

He was staying overnight after a minor surgery and he developed an acute pulmonary edema that led to him to going into arrest. I moved him into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and tried to resuscitate him, but I couldn’t. It later turned out that a key heart medication the patient needed had not been logged into his chart and was never given to him. He shouldn’t have died. The event caused me to deeply re-evaluate the meaning of my profession and life in general. Medical school did not give me the container for these situations. I even considered to quit medicine.

I left Argentina back to USA, my country of birth. Then, there, serendipity and fate made me meet Carlos Castaneda and everything changed in my life.

When I first met him, he invited me to lunch, at a local Cuban restaurant called The Versailles which he frequented. I remember that, when he invited me, he had said he wanted to know more about me, but I barely opened my mouth during lunch. He was very animated the whole time, and made me laugh so hard with his storytelling that my belly muscles ached badly. He had such a mesmerizing and charming presence and it absorbed me completely.

At the end, as we were walking towards the car in the parking lot, he came close and almost in a whisper said that the reason we were there that day was because I could be a bridge between the shamanism he had learnt from his teacher, don Juan Matus, and the world of health and medicine.

At the time, I had no idea what this meant, but his message of a higher intelligence and energy at play in everyday life came to fill exactly the void I had found in my regular medical life. I was hooked.

A direct apprenticeship that meant being open to new ideas.

Over time, Carlos Castaneda became a mentor and guide. He said I could not run away from my destiny and encouraged me to return to medicine. But he gave me the larger container, he opened up what was to me a new paradigm at the time, one which today, decades later, has emerged in science and in our collective understanding: that there is no such distinction between the mind and the body;

rather, that we are a network of energy and information crisscrossing in all directions between the mind and the body. Peptides and other biochemicals carry the messages of our thoughts and our emotions everywhere, perception affects behavior and behavior changes the very physicality of our brain and body, memories from our life experiences are stored in the organs and in our fascia and,

more than a defined, isolated individual, we are more like a cooperative of many voices including a majority of foreign DNA from a microbiome which gives us fundamental aspects of our identity such as our very personality traits, as a pioneering study from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) recently showed.

our organs have their own consciousnessEverything in us is changing and evolving, not isolated, but in deep resonance with our environment, such as the quality of the electro-magnetic field emitted by our hearts which can cause specific changes in the brains of the people around us.

We now know that it is a fact from research we can enter deep meditation states through practice and then these states can cause definitive changes in all our major regulatory mechanisms such as telomere length (a key biomarker for cell lifespan), inflammation cascades and cell repair. These and other behaviors can change the very expression of our genome through the epigenetic landscape that we now recognize as a highly fluid pluripotential environment in which our body lives.

What my teacher Carlos Castaneda introduced me to was this same viewpoint. It used different language but its syntax carried the same implications and conclusions. It enlarged the scope of possibilities of my human experience, and that of my patients. Modern science and ancient shamanistic principles and practices came together into a similar unit of life: Our internal body-mind world.

What it means ‘I can talk to my internal organs.’

One practice that Carlos Castaneda taught me was “talking to my organs.” The idea was simple: just as there is the overall me, there are also many smaller individual aspects of that me, represented in my tissues and organs themselves. In the dynamic world of information within my body, there is a distinct consciousness in each of my organs. Our organs store memories and also contain information. And they can talk to us. The big me can go in and establish a dialogue with the different organs and tissues.

In over twenty years of teaching workshops and clinical practice, I have found this to be very accurate and of highly practical value to understand ourselves and what our bodies are experiencing.

At times, I would see Castaneda ‘talking to his liver’, for example. He would talk to it in a very kind way, thanking it for all the work it took on. He would caress his ribs right where the liver is, and also pause and take a moment to ‘listen’ to it.

More than 500 vital functions have been identified in each liver cell, 24/7. It is the organ that organizes and distributes our internal nutrients and resources. In our busy modern lives, it tends to get overburdened. It stores ‘excess’ material, not only physiologically but also in our Consciousness.

our organs have their own consciousnessOur stressors are ‘stored’ in the liver.

When our liver gets overwhelmed, it also gets tight, and interferes with other neighbor organs, such as our stomach and intestines, or our sense of calm in our heart.

Our organs can tell us a lot of things. For instance, a patient who came to treatment for severe constipation, had received standard help from doctors such as increasing fiber and exercise, stool softeners and even antidepressants, with weak results. During the consult, using guided imagery, we established a conversation ‘between his higher self and his colon’, and his colon told him that the reason it was holding its movement was because he was feeling stuck at work. He had a long term dispute with his business partner that wasn’t being resolved.

The colon was storing that emotional and perceptual component of his inner life.

He realized then that he had been very rigid in his position about the dispute and needed to move on. The day after he signed the dissolution papers he had a bowel movement and within a month he had his regular rhythm restored.

Another fascinating example of how our organs store information and life experiences, even highly specific and detailed stuff, was reported by Paul Pearsall, Ph.D., in his book The Heart’s Code. I heard about this account by Ron Hulnik, Ph.D., one of the founders of the prestigious program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, where I am so excited to be currently taking a Certification. Pearsall, a clinical neuropsychologist in the Transplant Donor Department at the University of Arizona, describes how organ recipients take in memories and personality traits from the donor. He tells the case of a girl who had received a heart transplant from another girl who had been murdered. She soon began to have dreams and flashbacks of being murdered herself that eventually became so vivid and detailed that her mother reported it and it led the police to identify the actual murderer and prove the case in court. The implication of such an unequivocal event makes it undeniable that the organs themselves, independently, are capable of storing a high level of specificity of information.

How do I talk to my organs?

There are two steps and one rule to do this. our organs have their own consciousness

The first step is doing something to quiet the mind chatter and be present. This can be one minute focusing on our breathing, or even just one breath!

The second step is to turn our attention to a particular organ with an attitude of inquiry and establish a dialogue.

The rule is that when we ask a question, we have to be direct, as if we were talking to someone right in front of us, and then pause and wait for the very first thing that comes to mind, without preconditions. It might be a thought, an image or a memory. It might be the feeling of something that could become clear at a later time.

The rule means that it is spontaneous information that formulates in our Consciousness in the pause immediately after we address the question to the organ.

Sometimes, there doesn’t need to even be a question; all that seems to be needed is to turn our attention to the organ with the intention to see it and listen to it.

The Practice.

For the next moment, close your eyes and let your attention shift from the outer world to the inner world. You can simply let your body release any tension that it doesn’t need, right now.

In one sweep from head down to toes, just scan across your whole body with your attention and let each muscle relax, let each joint soften, letting all the nerves just open, the circulation and the skin open. And let your body do this at its own pace.

Now, open your inner eyes and go with your attention to the organ you want to talk to, listen to, or just hold space for. Allow yourself to use your full imagination and live it inside of you.

Have you been having any issues with the health of this organ? Connect to these symptoms, and specifically to the emotions that these symptoms arise in you. Stay attuned to these emotions for a moment. Don’t judge them or try to change them, just be with them.

Now, begin to talk to the organ, as if it was a person you are talking to. A person that is also you, or an aspect of you. Hold an attitude of appreciation, companionship and support. This part of you has been suffering and you want to be there for it. Lovingly express to the organ your support at this time. Talk to the organ as if it was your own 5-year old kid.

Ask simple, direct questions such as:

“Why are you in pain?”

“How does this relate to my life right now?”

“How can I help for you to feel better?”

“Is there anything I can do for you to stop this symptom?”

Remember, don’t prejudge or discard whatever arises when you ask. Spend a moment or as long as you feel is right in this dialogue, or simply sit in the presence of the organ, holding your Consciousness there. 

When you are ready, say thank you to your organ for being available to you. Ask permission to further dialogue in the future. Come out at your own pace and immediately take count of the experience and of any information that came from it.

I highly recommended to write down this information.

That’s it.

Simplicity itself!

Young, Vital and on the Move: The Vascular System

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It would not be an exaggeration to say that young vessels equate to young age and that a healthy, vital flow in the blood vessels makes every other part of your body shine and function well. Open yourself up to discovering the universal flow and connections that are inherent in your arteries, veins and lymph glands.

Our Vascular System is one of the most amazing elements of our body. As a teacher’s assistant during medical school, I was able to see firsthand the incredible complexity of our network of vessels, the arteries, veins and lymphatics. A few years ago, the German medical artist Gunther von Hagens toured Europe and the United States with an exhibition called “Body Worlds,” where, through a medical education process called plastination that turned the liquid within vessels into an acrylic compound, he was able to show whole segments of just vessels, with no other structures. Smaller and smaller tubes that ultimately became thin as hairs, spreading in shapes that made out the exact body of each organ—a sight to behold! A true community where every single corner is linked to the 3 main attributes of the system:

  1.  Each cell receives oxygen and nutrients through an artery
  2. Each cell delivers CO2 and toxins through a vein
  3. Each space between cells drains leftover excretions and debris through a lymph vessel

In Eastern thought and martial arts practice, the term vessels was the original description to what later was translated in the West as meridians, or channels. It was the observation of circulation by the ancient physicians and healers which gave them an understanding of how to move information and resources—energy, throughout the human body.

In shamanistic principles, as I learnt them from my teacher, Carlos Castaneda, the body can revitalize by means of a process that he called energy reallocation. The circulation in this case occurs through a network of vessels carrying a vital force called tendon energy. During the practice of physical movements, which we call Energy Passes, we deliver jolts or strikes to a certain count, stimulating the flow of tendon energy along vessels from the feet to the head.

Learning how to feel our vascular system, and how to activate each of its three parts, can bring lots of benefits and it can also be fun to do. Join our last class of the year this coming Saturday, November 12 to learn more!

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Miles Reid, L.Ac. National Board Certified
in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology
Medical Doctor (AR)
Founder Energy Life Sciences
Clinical Director
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Embracing this Moment: A personal note

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Today Matters

Today is Solstice Day on our planet. It is a perfect day to review, shine light and dream new beginnings, to acknowledge, to see the high side in our life and in our relationships.

So, I begin this sorcerers’ entry, this personal blog, saying thank you, thank you! To each one of you, fellow navigators, dreamers, warriors of the path, patients and friends. We have been in relationship for many years, and I am grateful that you are part of my life, and that in sharing a common intent, we are de facto sharing our paths to knowledge.

For me, this is a moment of personal changes. A new phase, in which my wife and I have set new paths. It was the culmination of a gradual process over time, as if the force of life drew us to it, until it became so. Life and death, review and renew, destiny. Through the challenges that this brought, I sought out to navigate it with open heart and support, to be elegant and generous, to checking in regularly with my higher self, to being grateful and careful.

As life reorganizes within me and around me, I continue navigating this process.

And in this new time, I feel that I am catching up with the nagual’s dream for me, my teacher, Carlos Castaneda; or, that a new threshold has arrived in that manifestation.

A time for recapitulation

When I was 16, during my sophomore year in high school, I had a sub teacher, Julio Alfano, who came into the classroom for one day and ended up becoming a mentor. He showed me that there was a world of spirit, and that one could have a glimpse into the soul through the eyes. It was like a revelation at the time, coming from a family of pure scientists.

From that triggering event, I dived into learning all I could about Hinduism, Buddhism, New Age and Native practices to awaken my spirit.

Soon after, I encountered the books of Carlos Castaneda. They hit me like a rock. What he wrote made total sense to me! I loved that it proposed the body as the perceiver and an integral part of the experience of spirit. I walked along the streets reading his books, I read them during the bus ride and after school, taking it all in, completely.

Years later, through the most unlikely of circumstances, I came to meet him in person. Literally, spirit placed me in the situation, and, immediately, the doors opened. The next day, Carlos Castaneda took me to lunch and, as he was leaving, he stopped for a moment from his car, rolled down the window, and said to me: “Spirit pointed you out to me to make a bridge between the knowledge of Don Juan and medicine. That’s why you are here.”. Then, he left.

My Life is Transformed Forever

Soon after, I moved in with some of the other direct apprentices. I fully entered into the seer’s world, and it engulfed me completely. It felt like a final proposition, all in.

At first, I had no awareness of any social role such as teaching his work, it was all about the unfathomable personal journey alongside him and his closest cohorts, wherever he took me regardless of what activity it included.

Then, I understood that the workshops were a main part of what he was trying to do, to have us act as translators of what he had learnt from Don Juan, and create a structure for opening his inherited lineage. And this mission became foremost in my experience.

During those years, learning and practicing the energy passes was a central aspect of the apprenticeship, and I loved loved those movements! My body seemed to absorb them in, directly into my cellular memory. He put me on to lead the men instructors onstage, he pulled me into a dream project that then became the book Magical Passes, he became more than a mentor, he was a father like figure for me, a representation of a side of the world that my birth father never knew and could never guide me through.

Preparing for the New Time

The last year of his life, as time begun to run short, the intensity of the apprenticeship reached almost a frantic pace and depth. It felt like we were traveling across space and time at high speed. The formulation Awareness Through Harmony came to be during that time. It was a final proposition from him, from the lineage, before he left, that men and women, working in harmony with each other, would reawaken humanity’s original birthright of evolution. The nagual teamed me up with one of our fellow apprentices, Zaia, to form a pair representing this proposition, in conjunction with teaching the ancient Seer’s Code, which became the sole theme in all workshops, from that moment on until and through his death.

After his departure, there was a reorganization between his apprentices, and some of us continued to represent him in the public, while others went on with their private lives. For ten years, we taught workshops and developed practice groups throughout the world; finally, mainly four of his direct apprentices continued teaching.

Eventually, differences between the four became impossible to bridge, and the two of us and the other two apprentices agreed that each would, moving forward, act as different expressions of the same lineage, Cleargreen and Being Energy, the name that we gave at that time to our representation of his work.

In co-founding Being Energy, I wanted to make all of Carlos Castaneda’s knowledge available through our lenses, our experience, and through an emphasis on ‘the new time’ that we belonged to, as he had told us. We wanted to teach others so that they could also teach Castaneda’s work, not just us. That was a huge component of our intent. We organized his teachings into modules, we trained teachers around the world, and a wonderful community coalesced, where our direct experiences of the nagual as his apprentices, augmented with other forms of knowledge and science, shared a journey with like-minded seekers from all around the world, all in the context of following a personal path with heart.


Seven years ago, we founded the Energy Life Sciences Institute, as an evolution in our work, another name we gave to our representation of his teachings, and, from that moment on, we continued to represent Carlos Castaneda from both entities.

During the time leading BE and ELSI, we both became the faces of one same intent and message, with our individual expressions represented within them. We worked a lot, traveled a lot and taught a lot. And formed incredible, durable relationships with many of you as practitioners, warrior-travelers and collaborators.

And now, more recently, we have undergone a personal evolution in our relationship as a couple, and as a result of this, the need for a new expression of our work emerged, moving forward. How best and most functionally carry this intent? With this in mind, we decided that I will continue through ELSI and Aerin through BE. In my heart, for my inner journey, it was an act of love, in its purest form.

Embracing This Moment 1

New Formulations in the horizon

Today, Being Energy, Energy Life Sciences and Cleargreen, (in whatever capacity they may be operating at this time), are the three expressions of the lineage of Carlos Castaneda that are guided by his direct apprentices.

Since our separation announcement, I have been asked “How can we continue to see you? Will you continue to teach classes and workshops?”

Yes! Through Energy Life Sciences, I will continue to offer educational and experiential classes and workshops, online and on site. The Institute will also establish meaningful collaborations with other leaders and organizations with whom we share a common intent for the planet, and for the awakening of our human potential.

Stay tuned!

I feel a new sense of purpose, I ’see’ what the nagual meant with his proposition, that first day in the parking lot. Because my own journey with medicine has lead me to this point where, for me, there is a new medicine, a new basis for health in the 21st century. Physical health—our body, our emotions, and our thoughts, together with having an energy context in daily life, and developing a personal relationship to Spirit, are the three cornerstones of this new medicine. We need these other areas of life awoken, in order to be healthy in a complex world.

The relationship to Spirit includes our experience of the abstract, of mystery, of the human potential. The mystery of awareness, the domain of seeing energy and dreaming. The dive into other states of attention, into the unknown and the unknowable. These are the legacy of the ancient shamans, the gift left to us, that I will continue to carry forward, with the same commitment. It is a pragmatic gift, one to be applied now and to every moment. I know no better boost to feel life expanded and at its fullest within me.

In Rumi’s Field

I have been thinking recently that, what we already know from physics and chemistry, like that our brains work through entanglement principles, or that physical world reality is truly an expression of our particular perception, our position as observers, has thrusted us into a new territory as human beings, where the practices and understanding of shamanism can bring to the table synchronistic elements, that can result in giving us a more sophisticated capacity to thrive in our world.

The spirit of the nagual is with us. I can see him. He is having nothing with complaints about the world, or about this or other person, he is having a ball. His eyes are full of light, he is fully plugged in, fully filled with life. He smiles to me, and I smile back.

There is much to be done! To learn, to discover, to give. To feel anew and truly, from our hearts. My sail is into the horizon, where Spirit awaits us. There I go, there we go, carrying all of that where we came from, in respect, in awe and with appreciation.*

An embrace,
Dr. Miles Reid


*The views in this blog reflect my personal experiences only.

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Выключайтесь, чтобы оставаться в игре

Работая врачом в многолюдной клинике, я часто испытываю те же затруднения, что и мои собственные пациенты. То есть я работаю над тем, как оставаться сосредоточенным и присутствующим, без ощущения дефицита времени, которого не хватает на все дела. Начиная с профессиональных встреч ранним утром, через поток пациентов в течение дня, к важному времени, когда я со своей семьей, основной задачей для меня является – быть присутствующим физически, умственно и эмоционально, оставаясь энергичным в каждый момент времени.

Мне необходимо одновременно активно слушать, мыслить критически, планировать дела, совершать небольшие движения и необходимые манипуляции во время лечения. Когда я делаю все это, мое сердце должно быть открытым и соединенным, дух благодарным и радостным. Мне нужна ясная память, расслабленные и упругие мышцы, тело, функционирующее в балансе и, в целом, мне необходимо генерировать энергию для поддержания моего дня. Это базовое требование, без какого-либо дополнительного эмоционального или социального опыта, который может проигрываться в уме в любое время. Добро пожаловать в современную жизнь! И, держитесь крепко в седле, эта поездка станет более интенсивной в течение нескольких следующих лет. Время ускоряется.

Независимо от того, что происходит в моей жизни, меня поддерживает практика, о которой я узнал от моего учителя Карлоса Кастанеды. В частности, он научил меня различным сериям движений, наполняющим энергией тело и ум. Одним из его любимых движений было очень простое и чрезвычайно мощное, которое он называл «включение тела». Практичное, наглядное название (квинтэссенция Кастанеды).

Чтобы «включить тело», сначала нужно полностью расслабить его, а затем, в долю секунды, после быстрой команды, задействовать совокупность всех мышц, суставов и даже внутренних органов, с последующим выключением снова. Это воздействует на нервную систему таким образом, что мы приходим в состояние готовности и легкости одновременно. Во многом это похоже на короткий холодный душ, а затем быстрое растирание кожи, чтобы согреться и создать прилив крови, что очень бодрит. Идея включения очень заманчива, но настоящая жемчужина спрятана в противоположном состоянии – выключении. Наша способность быть включенным слабеет, если нет равной и противоположной способности – быть выключенным.

Radiant Health2016«Ты должен выключиться, чтобы включиться», – говорил мне Карлос Кастанеда. Чем больше дистанция между состоянием выключенных мышц и состоянием включенных мышц, тем мощнее активируется осознание тела. Когда мы применяем это к сердечной мышце, мы называем это вариабельностью сердечного ритма (ВСР). И чем выше вариабельность, то есть больше дистанция между ударами сердца, тем больше мы можем говорить не только о здоровом сердце, но о всех системах организма.

С биологической точки зрения выключение является данностью. Хотя мы, возможно, забыли, что можем выключаться естественно и без каких-либо усилий с нашей стороны. Это наша природа. Это то, что я однажды видел собственными глазами на сафари в Серенгети. Группа львиц преследовала стадо импал. Казалось, антилопы обезумели и бегали хаотично. Наконец, львицы поймали одну и собрались для трапезы, и сразу же, тут же, рядом, импалы продолжили пастись, как будто ничего не случилось. Тогде почему же мы, когда, например, чувствуем себя обманутыми из-за чьих-то слов, продолжаем беспокоиться и переживать в течение нескольких дней или месяцев или даже лет?

Рекордсмены знают, что умение выключаться столь же важно, как момент включения. Известные теннисисты являются отличным примером. Как игроки поддерживают энергию на протяжении матча, который длится часами? Они включаются и расслабляются от момента к моменту. Некоторые игроки выглядят так, словно у них есть уйма времени, чтобы вернуть мяч через сетку.

Мы тоже можем иметь достаточно времени и действовать на нашем самом высоком уровне.

На нашем апрельском ретрите «Сияющая энергия + Блестящее здоровье», который пройдет в Лос-Анджелесе, мы покажем как переобучить тело, чтобы уметь выключаться, когда больше нет необходимости быть включенным. Это позволит вам достичь состояния глубокого покоя, подключиться к источнику вашей энергии и двигаться с легкостью. Вы узнаете, как идентифицировать сдерживающие шаблоны, застрявшие в ваших фасциях, удивительной сети мягкой ткани, которая задействуется, чтобы помочь сделать все, что нам нужно делать в жизни. Вы научитесь отпускать эти шаблоны, чтобы они больше не влияли на цикл «включение-расслабление», который необходим, чтобы мы могли делать лучшее.


Времена изменились, и в современном мире нам жизненно необходимо учиться адаптироваться к растущим требованиям, которые жизнь предъявляет нам. Большой поддержкой будет получение специализированного лечения, чтобы помочь восстановиться вашему телу, а также инвестирование времени в поиск неврологического баланса. Эти вещи не являются роскошью. Теперь они, более чем когда-либо, предметы первой необходимости.

Здоровья, радости и энергии,

Д-р Майлз Рид

3 Reasons to Get More Sleep

So how’s that sleep thing going for you? Do you feel rested?

You’ve probably heard this, but sleep really, truly is important. Getting enough sleep is vital for optimal health and wellbeing. Yet most of us don’t manage to sleep enough, or sleep well. This can be complicated by hormonal shifts, especially for women. (Check out Aerin’s Sleep Class for Women, live online or at our offices in LA!)

woman sleeping on clouds

For everyone, though, sleep deprivation can lead to trouble both instantaneously and over time. From accidents to chronic health problems, sleep deficiency can be dangerous. Let’s look at why good sleep is so important. Sleep affects:

  • Brain function
  • Physical health
  • Performance and Safety

Brain Function

Research reveals that the brain actually shrinks when you don’t get enough sleep. With less sleep, cognitive function declines and ventricle enlargement grows (a marker for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease).

Recent work by Oxford neuroscientist Russell Foster even links abnormal circadian rhythms to mental illness, including schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.

Additional studies show that lack of sleep has a direct impact on memory, focus and the ability to make decisions and control your emotions. It has also been linked to depression and mood swings.

On the upside, studies also clearly indicate that proper sleep improves learning and problem-solving abilities. In fact, when you sleep well, your brain actually forms new learning and memory pathways.

Physical Health

When it comes to disease prevention, good sleep is key. Studies show that getting six to eight hours of sleep per night lowers your risk of developing:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke

In fact, it’s estimated that 30 – 40 percent of all medical problems that a general practitioner sees are, directly or indirectly, related to lack of sleep.

Sleep affects healthy growth and development, immunity, hormones (including stress hormones), the body’s reaction to insulin and more.

It might surprise you to learn that getting good sleep is essential for weight control. It’s been shown that sleep directly influences the level of hormones that make you feel full (leptin) or hungry (ghrelin). When you don’t get enough sleep, your levels of ghrelin go up and leptin down, resulting in you feeling hungrier and more likely to overeat.

Performance and Safety

Lack of sleep not only affects us individually, but it also affects those around us—our families, coworkers and even our communities. Insufficient sleep can lead to everything from lack of concentration, moodiness and reduced physical performance to a public safety hazard.

A study led by Dr. Charles Czeisler of Harvard Medical School’s Division of Sleep, for example, found that hospital medical errors could be reduced by as much as 36 percent when limiting doctor’s work shifts to 16 hours and reducing their total work schedule to a maximum of 80 hours per week.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conservatively estimates that driver fatigue is responsible for 100,000 reported crashes each year (other data suggests that it the numbers are closer to 1 million crashes and 8,000 deaths per year). Sleep deprivation was also identified as a significant factor in the 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear accident, and the 1986 nuclear disaster at Chernobyl.

Getting More Sleep

It’s clear that sleep deprivation is a serious matter. So what can we do to improve our quality and quantity of sleep? Stay tuned for tips in upcoming blog, and if you are a woman in the LA area, you won’t want to miss Aerin’s Sleep Class Series for Women (you can take just one class or the entire series).

For now, how much sleep is enough sleep? Studies show that for most adults, six to eight hours per night is optimal.

Wishing you good sleep,
Dr. Reid

A Recipe to Kindle Your Digestive Fire

It’s undeniable. The holidays are on the way! How can you keep yourself healthy during this busy season? One key is to strengthen your digestive fire.

Carrot SoupHoliday celebrations almost always include rich foods. While we all know that it’s important to eat well, we can get a little derailed this time of year. Also, if you aren’t digesting properly, then you might not be absorbing the nutrients you need from your food.

Good digestion is absolutely a pillar of good health. To feel your best, you’ll want to make that pillar strong. With that in mind, here are some vital things to know about food and digestion:

  • Food is both hormone and nutrition (see my blog post Food: A New Paradigm)
  • The process of digestion is how we process information (information has a biochemical substrate)
  • What we eat is still outside of the body until we absorb it

Today, let’s focus on absorption. To aid your absorption of nutrients:

  • Chew fully
  • Take digestive enzymes*
  • Supplement with HCL*
  • Add probiotics and prebiotics to your diet*
  • Enjoy warm water with fresh lemon first thing in the morning
  • Add fresh ginger to your meals

This supplemental suggestion does not constitute medical advice. Please consult with your medical doctor before taking any nutritional supplements. 

With the holidays just around the corner, the last tip of adding ginger to your meals is especially useful. It’s a simple, tasty way to kindle your digestive fire. So, when indulging in the season’s rich fare leaves you feeling sluggish, turn to fresh ginger.

sri_lanka_gingerOne of our favorite ways to incorporate ginger into our meals this time of year is with this yummy, comforting and warming recipe: Carrot Ginger Soup.

Carrot Ginger Soup
Serves 4 to 5


  • 3 Tbsp olive oil (or you may substitute ghee or unsalted butter)
  • 1 ½ lbs carrots (6 – 8 large carrots), peeled and thinly sliced
  • 2 cups chopped white or yellow onion
  • 1 tsp sea salt (or to taste)
  • 2 cups vegetable stock
  • 2 cups water
  • 3 large strips of zest from an orange (organic is best)
  • Chopped chives, parsley, dill or fennel for garnish 


Warm the oil in a soup pot over medium heat, add onions, carrots and sea salt and cook until the onions soften, stirring occasionally (about 10 minutes). Do not let the vegetables brown.

Add the vegetable stock, water, ginger and strips of orange zest. Bring to a simmer, cover and cook until the carrots are soft (about 20 minutes).

Remove the strips of orange zest and discard. Working in small batches, pour the soup into a blender and puree until completely smooth. Only fill the blender bowl a third full with the hot liquid and keep one hand pressing down on the lid of the blender to keep it secure. Add more sea salt to taste.

Ladle into serving bowls and garnish with the chopped chives, parsley, dill or fennel fronds.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do, and that you’ll join me on December 5th for Being Energy’s next Nutrition + Health class –all about the heart. The class will include some useful tips for navigating through for your emotions during the holidays.

Ура 2019! Освободите, простите и настройте намерения, встречая Новый год


Вот церемония, которой научил нас наш учитель Карлос Кастанеда:

Он начинается в последние дни декабря и заканчивается после того, как часы пробивают полночь 1 января. Кастанеда сказал бы нам, что в полночь свет Духа или Вселенной приходит и «наблюдает за нами» – на нас нисходит сила, созданная объединенным намерением планеты на протяжении тысячелетий, и это очень мощный момент, чтобы присутствовать и осознавать – чувствовать и знакомиться.

Мы практикуем этот ритуал без сбоев в течение последних 23 лет, и это принесло нам и бесчисленным практикующим во всем мире чувство направления, цели и вдохновения, чтобы раскрыть наши цели и намерения на Новый год, а также чувство связи с циклами природы и всей планеты.

Мы надеемся, что выгода будет распространяться через вашу жизнь, ваши отношения, ваше сообщество и мир.

Шаги следующие:

  1. Очистить старое до Нового года. Обновление изнутри. Начиная с 28 декабря и даже в течение дня 31 декабря, освободите место в вашем доме. Удалить беспорядок, пожертвовать одежду, которую вы больше не используете, очистить и организовать шкафы и ящики, и пылесосить ваши полы; поливайте свои растения – все с чувством открытости и готовности. Цель состоит в том, чтобы очистить ваш дом, физически и энергетически, очистить вашу психику от негативных мыслей и чувств, накопленных в течение года, чтобы вы могли быть восприимчивыми к приходу Нового..
  • Выбрасывайте вещи, которые больше не нужны или которые не приносят вам радости
  • Запишите все негативные мысли в листе бумаги, записывая в потоке и не читая обратно, что вы написали. Когда вы почувствуете, что выложились, сожгите лист бумаги и вымойте руки.
  • Практикуйте вслух утверждения о вашей жизни, о ваших вещах, о ваших друзьях и семье
  1. 31 декабря, до полуночи, зайдите на свой рабочий стол или в личное пространство. Организуйте свои книги и бумаги и освободите место, чтобы вы могли с удобством сидеть и писать список намерений, утверждений, мечтаний и проектов, которые вы хотите проявить или совместно создать в 2019 году. Сядьте в тишине и призовите свет Духа, чтобы очистить свой разум и тело и глубоко соединиться с самим собой.
  1. Затем возьмите ручку или карандаш и лист бумаги и приготовьтесь СЛУШАТЬ СЕРДЦЕ
  • Перечислите наиболее значимые события, которые произошли в вашей жизни в течение года, и оцените то, что вы узнали в 2018 году. Какой был результат? Какие новые друзья у вас появились? Какие новые вещи вы узнали, например, новый рецепт, новый навык, новый язык? А чему бы вы хотели научиться в 2019 году? Вы можете разделить свой год по основным областям, таким как семья, работа, здоровье, отношения и личностное развитие:
  • Каково было ваше здоровье в 2018 году и чем бы вы хотели заниматься в 2019 году?
  • Что насчет твоей работы? Какой опыт у вас был? Какие новые проекты ты имеешь в виду на 2019 год?
  • А в твоей семье и отношениях? Какие новые отношения вы установили? Что подошло к концу? Что нужно исцелить?
  • А как насчет вашего наследия? Напишите абзац, описывающий, каким вы хотели бы, чтобы ваше наследие было в 2019 году.
  • А о более широком сообществе планеты Земля, какие мечты о лучшем мире вы бы хотели построить?

Прислушайся к своему сердцу и следуй пером за мудростью своего сердца.

  1. Около 11:30 вечера (почти полночь!) Сидите в тишине, держа руки в сердце, и цените свою жизнь. Вы можете обратить внимание на предметы из ваших намерений 2019 года – те вещи, которые вы хотите испытать в следующем году. Сядьте с ним так долго, как захотите, убедившись, что к тому времени, когда часы пробьют полночь, вы обнаружите, что вы вовлечены в какой-то практический аспект ваших намерений (исследование чего-то, подготовка каких-то первоначальных планов и т. Д.) И что вы чувствуете связь с ними, со своими личный жизненный путь и со вселенной.

В полночь, в первые минуты Нового года, пусть волна вашей мечты омывает вас чувством мира, любви и благодарности.

Why Happiness Matters

The science is in: Happiness matters!

It turns out that happiness and a strong social network are key components in your health and longevity. As the poet W. H. Auden put it, “We must love one another or die.”

BE Group PhotoThis statement is borne out by research showing that social relationships can both extend your life and improve its quality. Studies prove that social connections—family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, churches and clubs—reduce risk of death by 50 percent. A stunning statistic!

Conversely, loneliness poses a very serious health risk. Comparable to smoking and twice as dangerous as obesity, loneliness can:

  • Impair immune function
  • Increase inflammation
  • Raise blood pressure
  • Increase cortisol (the stress hormone)
  • Increase depression
  • Disrupt sleep

Scientists have found that people are happier and feel safer when they are with other people than when they are alone, and that happiness is contagious.

Conducted over 20 years, the Framingham Heart Study, published in the British Medical Journal, concluded: “People’s happiness depends on the happiness of others with whom they are connected. This provides further justification for seeing happiness, like health, as a collective phenomenon.”

Interestingly, being happy also influences our health at the level of our genes. Researchers at UCLA studying the human genome learned that people with a deep sense of happiness and sense of purpose in life had lower levels of inflammatory gene expression and stronger immune systems. The opposite was true for the type of happiness that is momentary and based in self-gratification (enjoying an ice cream cone for example).

The head of the research team, Steven Cole, said that one of the things this 10-year study shows “is that doing good and feeling good have very different effects on the human genome, even though they generate similar levels of positive emotion… Apparently, the human genome is much more sensitive to different ways of achieving happiness than are conscious minds.”

joy-jumpTrue happiness is as much a state of mind as it is an emotional and physical (and genetic!) expression. Experiencing gratitude and looking for the good in life is an important part of it. As the fictional Pollyanna said “… there is something about everything that you can be glad about, if you keep hunting long enough to find it.”

There is even more reason to be glad if you can share your happiness with friends and family.

Happiness, and how your emotions affect your biochemistry, is one of the things we’ll talk about in Being Energy’s next Nutrition + Health class, The Power of the Heart, on December 5th. Join us to gain tools and information to start the New Year filled with happiness, hope and abundance.

Mind over Matter?

How powerfully do our thoughts influence our health and wellbeing?

The intricate connections between mind and body are only beginning to be scientifically understood. What we do know at this time is:

  • Our emotions affect our physiology
  • The brain is an amazingly adaptable and powerful organ
  • Regular exercise can improve memory and cognitive functioning

neurons-human-brain-cells-under-a-microscope-patternStudies continue to illuminate the interrelationships between the mind and body, and suggest that we only understand a small fraction of what we’re capable of (see what Drs. Deepak Chopra, Dan Siegel and others say on Discovery). What has become clear is that what we think, feel and believe plays a role in how our DNA expresses itself.

So what can we do with what we do know? We can be self-empowered in our own healing process. We can think loving thoughts, be compassionate in our relationships with others, exercise and eat healthfully. We can recapitulate, meditate and form health partnerships with caring and knowledgeable health-care providers.

The relationship between psychology and the immune system, between mind and body, is at the core of my medical practice, and helps inform my Being Energy classes.

5 Steps to Feeling Good

Feelings. The senses. Our emotions. Being aware of your feelings can have a directly positive influence on your health and wellbeing. I’ll share a couple of exercises with you here, visual and physical, to help you hone that influential connection between feelings and health.

sunriseAlso, remember our next online Nutrition class on Saturday, October 3rd. Join me to learn all about the senses, including the 6th sense!  You’ll gain tools for opening your perception for greater joy and vitality. I hope to see you there.

For now, let’s look at connecting to your feelings. Here is a very effective visualization exercise for you to try.  To prepare, begin by writing any physical symptoms that cause you discomfort. Also write down a few things that symbolize your ideal of wellbeing (for example, clear thinking).

Now, look at the first item on your symptoms list. With that in mind:

  1. Connect to the symptom. Close your eyes, breathe easily and allow any feelings, emotions and/or images related to this symptom and this part of your body to rise up, without judgment.
  2. Connect with the feeling or image. Clearly identify what’s coming up for you. What are you feeling? (For example, “My knee gives me pain when I walk; it makes me feel unworthy, and incapable of moving forward.”)
    Stay with the feeling. Resist avoiding it and instead just be there with it, allowing it to exist for what it is. Be open to what it has to teach you. Then open your eyes slowly and write down the feelings that came up for you.
  3. Track the feeling to its origin. Close your eyes again and return to the feeling or image. Once it’s clear in your mind, ask yourself: Where is this coming from? When have I felt this before? Does it relate to a past experience?
  4. Learn from the feeling. How is this feeling or image preventing you from enjoying optimal health? What past experience or belief is standing in the way of you feeling your best? What is the payoff for you holding onto this feeling? What can you learn from it? What will it take for you to resolve this feeling, or dissolve this image? What do you have to let go of in order to change?
  5. Take action. You have the power to decide to let go of this feeling.

Repeat these steps with something from your list that symbolizes wellbeing, shifting the focus in step 4 to what is preventing you from having the sense of wellbeing that the image or feeling gives you. What barriers are in the way? And what is the payoff to staying within those boundaries?

You may want to repeat this for other symptoms of disease and symbols of vitality on different days, focusing in on one pairing at a time.

This also relates to a physical exercise we want to share with you. The exercise is part of the body of the Being Energy work. The following video takes you through this simple exercise, called a Being Energy pass.

In the video, you’ll notice me mention “recapitulation”—this word in the Being Energy work means to look back to the past to the root experiences of behaviors and beliefs that are blocking you in the present. Recapitulate, as defined in Merriam-Webster and how we use it in Being Energy, means: “To give new form or expression to.”