Being Energy at the Benjamin Center, Los Angeles, CA Presentation by Dr. Miles Reid

We are excited about our recent Being Energy presentation to the Cancer Support Community at the Benjamin Center in West Los Angeles, CA. The audience of cancer patients, their relatives and educators, enthusiastically received the three-part series.

We introduced the basic concepts and philosophy of Being Energy to first-time listeners, and shared an introductory set of Being Energy® movements. We explained the essential elements of the practice and origin of Being Energy, emphasizing both the physical and energetic benefits of the movements such as increased vitality and optimism.  We focused on how these movements shift our thoughts and perceptions, enhance a state of well being, and benefit the immune system.

We filmed the presentation and have divided it into several parts for your convenience and enjoyment. The videos offer a useful introduction to what Being Energy is, making it easy to share with family, friends and the community.

Here is a first-glance experience of Being Energy!

A complete introductory practice that you can follow:

Three Being Energy principles presented in five-minute segments:

I: Physical Body and Energy

II: Using Intention to Change the Body

III: We Shape Our Bodies with Our Thoughts

View the full presentation:

4 comments on “Being Energy at the Benjamin Center, Los Angeles, CA Presentation by Dr. Miles Reid

  1. Beatriz Wright on

    Hola Miles (y Aerin) ~

    Mil gracias por el video de introduccion a la practica de pases de energia…que regalo para el 2014!




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