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5 maneras de sacar el máximo provecho del ejercicio

Si lo amamos o lo odiamos, todos sabemos que el ejercicio es importante para nuestra salud y longevidad. Dado que, ¿por qué no divertirse con él y maximizar nuestra rutina de ejercicios para obtener resultados más rápidos?

La actividad física ayuda a su cuerpo y mente a mantenerse fuertes, sanos y resistentes. Le ayuda a desintoxicar, oxigenar y pensar con más claridad. Los estudios demuestran que el ejercicio regular:

  • Reduce el estrés
  • Combate la enfermedad
  • Aumenta la capacidad intelectual
  • Mejora la memoria
  • Controla el peso
  • Aumenta la energía
  • Emite endorfinas
  • Mejora el humor
  • Promueve el buen sueño

La gran noticia es que no tienes que subir una montaña. Hay cosas sencillas que puede hacer para mantenerse físicamente en forma (lo que también le ayuda a mantenerse mentalmente en forma), y puede comenzar desde dondequiera que esté ahora en el espectro de la aptitud, a cualquier edad cronológica. Lo importante es moverse.

Tal vez usted ya tiene una rutina de ejercicios que te gusta. ¡Estupendo!

Girls_jog_along_Morro_Strand_State_BeachSi todavía no se ejercita regularmente, puede comenzar hoy y agregará instantáneamente a su cuenta bancaria de energía. Elija algo que sea divertido para usted. Si va al gimnasio es intimidante o aburrido para ti, fuera de la cabeza. Si el clima es incómodo, encuentre una actividad de interior que usted disfrutará.


Si usted es un profesional experimentado o nuevo a una rutina de ejercicio regular, hay cinco cosas a tener en cuenta. Para obtener los mejores resultados, desee incorporar los siguientes elementos en su rutina para asegurarse de que su cuerpo está recibiendo todo lo que necesita. Su rutina semanal debe incluir:

  1. Actividad cardiaca de dos a tres veces por semana. Esto puede incluir caminar enérgico (v. Pasear), trotar, correr, montar en bicicleta, bailar, jugar al tenis u otros deportes activos, u otro tipo de ejercicio que hace que su corazón bombee.
  2. Estiramiento y movimiento para la flexibilidad dos o tres veces a la semana. Esto puede incluir estiramientos básicos, yoga, etc. Puede ser simple.
  3. Ejercicio de fortalecimiento del núcleo y / o actividad de soporte de peso. Gyrotonic (ofrecemos sesiones en Tilo) y Pilates son excelentes opciones. Lo importante es fortalecer y mantener la fuerza de los músculos profundos en su abdomen, su centro de energía.
  4. Redistribución de energía. Gyrotonic es otra vez una gran opción., Al igual que ciertos tipos de yoga; La idea aquí es que usted quiere reorganizar su energía hacia su centro de vitalidad para nutrir sus órganos internos.
  5. Fije su intención claramente. Alinea con lo que estás haciendo para que tu actividad e intención coincidan. Puede sonar extraño, pero es muy poderoso, eficaz y agradable tener clara intención en lo que haces.


El mayor beneficio de todo este movimiento físico vendrá con una mentalidad alegre. ¡El ejercicio puede ser divertido! Tienen un buen tiempo con él. Intenta algo nuevo. Sacúdelo.

En buena salud,

Dr. Miles Reid


The One Label That Can Tell You What You Need to Know

It’s being fought tooth and nail, but the US Food and Drug Administration is considering adding one line to labels on packaged foods telling you how many teaspoons of sugar have been added to the product. It’s something you’d like to know, right?

So why are food manufacturers lobbying so hard against it? It looks like there might be a LOT more sugar in our foods than we realize.

The plan unveiled by First Lady Michelle Obama last year caused an immediate uproar among US manufacturers, and even spurred international complaint, with the Australian government warming that the new labeling could violate international trade agreements.

One of the loudest arguments against the labeling proposal is that the total amount of sugar in a product is already disclosed. That total includes the sugars that are found naturally in a product as well as those that have been added, and some argue that sugar is sugar, so why is more information needed?

Our nation’s obesity and diabetes epidemics point to a reason for more disclosure say scientists and health groups. The new label is an effort toward greater transparency.

More sugar can mean less nutritive value. “Sugar that the companies put in, whether it’s corn syrup, table sugar, maple syrup, is nutrition­ally void. Period,” said Marion ­Nestle, a professor of nutrition at New York University, in a Washington Post article on the proposed labeling.

“Consumers already have the information they need to make healthy dietary choices,” said the Dairy Institute of California in a written objection to the proposal.

The cranberry industry shouted some of the loudest complaints, joined by a chorus of those representing familiar names in the grocery aisles: The Campbell Soup Company, Kellogg Company, Dannon, Coca-Cola and the Roman Meal Company.

Proponents of the labeling are showing otherwise. As reported in the Los Angeles Times last month, “When the Environmental Working Group analyzed 80,000 food products, it found that 58% had extra sugar added. That included even most deli meats on supermarket shelves.”

The labeling would make it easier to determine the amount of added sugar consumers are getting. For example, the American Heart Association recommends that women consume no more than about 6 teaspoons of added sugars daily. But how many teaspoons are in that bottle of cranberry juice? The proposed labeling aims to address just that.

Learn more about the proposal on the FDA website.

The public comment period has closed, and we look forward to learning what the outcome is. We think the labeling would be a positive move toward a healthier nation.


How to Train Your Mind and Flourish

3 Ways to Detox This Spring

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, your thoughts can either block or accelerate your energy. Get the tools to make way for more joy and abundance in your life.

It seems like everywhere we turn lately, someone is talking about a detox program—juice programs, retreats, and all variety of programs vying for our attention. We have one, too! But what makes ours different from the rest is not only that it is doctor-supervised, but also that it incorporates your thoughts to support you. Intentions are a key element of the program—intentions to carry you through and take you forward.

This is a detox program for body + mind + soul!

Your mind can be your greatest ally. The thoughts you have and the words you use can either boycott your best efforts or they can focus everything to enhance what you’re doing so that you can meet your goals (and beyond).

Intentions focus your mind to align with the dietary changes, exercises, breathing practices and supplements that are part of the program. They help create the channel so that everything you’re doing flows together unimpeded.

An extraordinary truth is that when you begin to work with intentions you train your mind in the service for greater energy. Even more than learning about the effects of your food choices, movements and supplements to activate detoxification and sustain your vitality, the skills you gain for training your mind can create dramatic positive change for you. You might find it surprising!

Are you ready to refresh, reenergize and empower your vitality? Jump on board for Being Energy’s group detoxification program, beginning on Saturday, April 11 at 8:30am with our next Nutrition + Health class.

We think you’ll find that it’s a program that isn’t like any other program out there, and that you’ll take away tools that will have lifelong value.

Realize your New Year’s Resolutions in 2015

Most of us start each year with one or more resolutions that we hope to accomplish. Maybe you want to shed extra pounds gained over the holidays, or to get to the gym more regularly. But by the time March rolls around, these resolutions can seem like a distant memory.

What happens? Usually, other things take our attention. To successfully meeting our goals, it helps to have support and information to inspire us to continue to improve our lives.

Being Energy is here to support and inform you! Our community is diverse and its members often far distant from one another, but we come together with the goals of realizing our potential and feeling our best.

Each year, for example, regulars return and new people jump on board for our group Detox Program. Though you do Being Energy’s Detox Program anytime of year, the group support seems to make it all the easier to stick with it so you can enjoy its benefits. The results from the detox are often amazing—more clarity, better focus, deeper sleep and more.

The group Detox Program is part of our Nutrition + Health online class series. We also have new great classes planned throughout the coming year to give you tools and practical information for improving your health and wellbeing.

Find out about your ideal body weight, how to apply your sexual energy to activate your life force even more, what it means to breathe for greater vitality (with a special guest teacher) and what neuroplasticity means and why it’s important, and more.

In fact, the research is in—our lifestyle choices do make a difference in our health, even at the level of our DNA. Learn simple things that you can incorporate into your daily life in our online Nutrition + Health classes. Plus we’ll have time for questions and answers after each class.

Recordings of past classes are also available in our online store for purchase.