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Video Library Feed Your Soul + 25 Videos!

Feed your Body + Spirit Video Library: Expand Your Possibilities for Healing

Gain access to all of Dr. Miles. Reid’s Nutrition + Health Classes! Each class video is approximately 90- to 120-minutes long and is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation with highlights from the class. For just $16.99 per month, gain access to this exclusive video library with 25 videos and PowerPoint presentations.

Discover new ways of thinking about your health in these information-packed lectures. Drawing from shamanic traditions, Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Being Energy’s Dr. Reid presents practical tools and offers diverse strategies for shifting habits and developing diet plans to suit your individual body-mind system. Each class focuses on a particular topic, for example:

  • Sleep: Body Repair and Dreaming
  • Cultivating Your Sexual Energy
  • Digestion and Elimination
  • Bones, Tendons, Muscles
  • Rewire Your Brain and Your Mind to Be Younger and Happier

Video Library - Feed your Body + Spirit


Monthly Access to Nutrition + Health Video Library with 25 Videos! AUTO MONTHLY PAYMENT

21-Day Detox Program Revitalize Your Body Today!

Energy Life Science Institute’s Detox Program is a unique program, complete with all the resources you need to detoxify and boost your vitality. The program can be tailored to your specific needs.

Detoxify Your Body and Spirit

What is the Energy Life Science Institute Detox Program? Our exclusive program was designed by Dr. Miles Reid, and has been successfully completed by hundreds of people around the globe. It is a 21-day at-home program that energizes and rejuvenates you on all levels: body, mind and spirit.

Our program helps you find balance in your diet, cleanse your body, release mental stress, boost your immune system and shed extra pounds. It is a complete, comprehensive package that includes:

  • Energy Life Science Institute Detox Program eBooklet (PDF file). We suggest that you read this first to set the stage for your experience. You’ll be referring to this booklet throughout your 21-day program. It also includes daily schedules and intentions that you’ll want to print for easy reference.
  • Nutrition 101 Class Video. This 90-minute video is a live recording of Energy Life Science Institute’s Group Detox Program, presented as part of the Nutrition 101 class series. It serves as an introduction to the program. We suggest reading the eBooklet first, then watching this and referring to the presentation (see below) before beginning your program.
  • Nutrition & Health Class Presentation (PDF file). This presentation is a companion to the Nutrition & Health Class video. It is the slide presentation from the class, and is presented here as a PDF file for easy reference.
  • MP3 Tracks. Your package includes two MP3 tracks to help you understand the program’s emotional detoxification sounds: Intro to Breathing Sounds describes the sounds and breaths and Sample of Breathing Sounds exemplifies the sounds so that you can easily follow along.
  • Q&A Follow-up Videos. These videos were recorded live as part of the Nutrition & Health Group Detox Program, and serve as a Frequently Asked Questions resource. Participants in the group program asked insightful questions that we think may benefit you. Dr. Reid also provides an in-depth description of the gallbladder flush that concludes the 21-day program, and suggestions for maintaining your heightened state of health and energy after you’ve finished the 21 days.

Why should I do this program? In this modern world, we are subjected to high levels of stress and overwhelmed by sensory stimuli. This drains our vitality and depletes our health. Our bodies accumulate toxins daily, and when not properly flushed out, these can lead to disease.

Energy Life Science Institute’s unique and easy-to-follow Detox Program stimulates the elimination of toxins from your internal organs, making way for more energy, greater mental focus and a stronger immune system. It also helps you shed any unwanted extra weight (physically, mentally and emotionally).

When is it best to do this program? Anytime! You can participate in Energy Life Science Institute’s 21-day Detox Program anytime of the year, at a time that works best for you.

When you purchase this course, it will be added to your Energy Life Science Institute account. Log in to your account to access all the materials associated with your course membership. If you don’t yet have a Energy Life Science Institute account, you’ll be able to create one when you purchase this course. Your Energy Life Science Institute login will be the email address and password you choose during your first purchase. Please write down your password for future reference.

The Energy Life Science Institute Detox Program Package contains a booklet (downloadable PDF file), class presentation document (downloadable PDF file), two MP3 audio files, and access to the three Detox Program videos, which include the video introduction and two Q&A follow-up videos.

You may also ADD any or all of the following three options to customize the program in the way that works best for you:

Energy Life Sciences Detox Program


Our 21-day Individual Detox Program is a popular integrative immune health and detoxification program. It combines functional medicine, Chinese medicine and shamanistic principles. This e-package contains all the instructions you need, including videos, audio files and literature.

Detox Program Dr. Reid Consultation


Meet with Dr. Reid through Skype or by phone for an individual health assessment to best adapt the detox program to your individual goals and needs. The session is 30 minutes and includes herb and supplement, exercise, breathing and meditation technique recommendations, and addresses emotional issues. Two sessions are recommended for optimal results.

Detox Program Booster Treatments


A detox treatment starts with an infrared sauna session followed by a cupping treatment. You then receive a specific acupuncture protocol to boost circulation and detoxification in the body. Acupuncture stimulates detoxification, boosts the immune system, regulates healing responses and releases pain-killing bio-chemicals. Three sessions recommended. Each 2-hour session: $145

Detox Program Booster Supplements


For best results, include herbs and supplements as part of your program. Dr. Reid’s combination of Chinese herbal remedies and nutritional supplements from Premier Labs supports your detoxification process. These are the highest quality products of proven efficacy. Three-week supply includes 9 bottles of herbs and supplements.

Video Library Exercises for Vitality! + 70 Videos!

BE Daily Mind + Spirit Video Library: Your Monthly Pass to Vitality!

Awaken and invigorate your body anywhere, anytime! We’re delighted to be able to share these live recordings of our daily Body + Mind + Spirit classes. For a monthly subscription of just $6.99, access over 80 videos (and growing!) of BE’s daily 30-minute classes. Choose from a variety of classes to watch whenever you want to calm your nervous system and boost your energy. The library includes videos that present a variety of movement sequences, practiced standing, sitting or lying down. You’ll also find a special Recapitulation section, with more than 27 videos focused on reflecting on and changing your experience of past actions, guided by Aerin Alexander and Dr. Reid.

Video Library - Daily Mind, Body + Spirit Classes


Monthly Unlimited Access to our Daily Class Video Library with More than 80 Videos! AUTO MONTHLY PAYMENT