Our Organs Have Their Own Consciousness And We Can Talk to Them

organs have their own consciousness

My teacher Carlos Castaneda taught me this:

Our Organs Have Their Own Consciousness And We Can Talk to Them

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the departure of my dear teacher and guide Carlos Castaneda. I met him in the mid-nineties as a young doctor looking for a deeper meaning in my path as a healer to people.

My life brought me to him without looking for it.

Not long before, as a medical resident in Bariloche, Argentina, I had wanted to go in all the way into the medical knowledge. I come from a family of doctors and scientists, where hard work and dedication to the ethics of truth was a strong value.

our organs have their own consciousnessThanks to high grades, luck and daring, I managed to get into a unique and prestigious program where I was left as the front person in charge of the ER (Emergency Room) every four nights. It was an exciting and also daunting all-in immersion into hospital life that got me dealing with all kinds of medical issues and emergencies. I practically lived in the clinic, and assisted in trauma, strokes, heart attacks or child births.

I had the experience of dealing with life and death decisions, of seeing the mystery of the body healing miraculously and the humbling presence of death in my hands. Life was fast, and surprising. Yet, I missed the touch of a larger, more encompassing view.

In many occasions, the tools I had been given as a Western MD couldn’t help me; It could only take me so far and a more holistic view became a necessity.

One such day, during my night shift, a patient died on my watch.

He was staying overnight after a minor surgery and he developed an acute pulmonary edema that led to him to going into arrest. I moved him into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and tried to resuscitate him, but I couldn’t. It later turned out that a key heart medication the patient needed had not been logged into his chart and was never given to him. He shouldn’t have died. The event caused me to deeply re-evaluate the meaning of my profession and life in general. Medical school did not give me the container for these situations. I even considered to quit medicine.

I left Argentina back to USA, my country of birth. Then, there, serendipity and fate made me meet Carlos Castaneda and everything changed in my life.

When I first met him, he invited me to lunch, at a local Cuban restaurant called The Versailles which he frequented. I remember that, when he invited me, he had said he wanted to know more about me, but I barely opened my mouth during lunch. He was very animated the whole time, and made me laugh so hard with his storytelling that my belly muscles ached badly. He had such a mesmerizing and charming presence and it absorbed me completely.

At the end, as we were walking towards the car in the parking lot, he came close and almost in a whisper said that the reason we were there that day was because I could be a bridge between the shamanism he had learnt from his teacher, don Juan Matus, and the world of health and medicine.

At the time, I had no idea what this meant, but his message of a higher intelligence and energy at play in everyday life came to fill exactly the void I had found in my regular medical life. I was hooked.

A direct apprenticeship that meant being open to new ideas.

Over time, Carlos Castaneda became a mentor and guide. He said I could not run away from my destiny and encouraged me to return to medicine. But he gave me the larger container, he opened up what was to me a new paradigm at the time, one which today, decades later, has emerged in science and in our collective understanding: that there is no such distinction between the mind and the body;

rather, that we are a network of energy and information crisscrossing in all directions between the mind and the body. Peptides and other biochemicals carry the messages of our thoughts and our emotions everywhere, perception affects behavior and behavior changes the very physicality of our brain and body, memories from our life experiences are stored in the organs and in our fascia and,

more than a defined, isolated individual, we are more like a cooperative of many voices including a majority of foreign DNA from a microbiome which gives us fundamental aspects of our identity such as our very personality traits, as a pioneering study from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) recently showed.

our organs have their own consciousnessEverything in us is changing and evolving, not isolated, but in deep resonance with our environment, such as the quality of the electro-magnetic field emitted by our hearts which can cause specific changes in the brains of the people around us.

We now know that it is a fact from research we can enter deep meditation states through practice and then these states can cause definitive changes in all our major regulatory mechanisms such as telomere length (a key biomarker for cell lifespan), inflammation cascades and cell repair. These and other behaviors can change the very expression of our genome through the epigenetic landscape that we now recognize as a highly fluid pluripotential environment in which our body lives.

What my teacher Carlos Castaneda introduced me to was this same viewpoint. It used different language but its syntax carried the same implications and conclusions. It enlarged the scope of possibilities of my human experience, and that of my patients. Modern science and ancient shamanistic principles and practices came together into a similar unit of life: Our internal body-mind world.

What it means ‘I can talk to my internal organs.’

One practice that Carlos Castaneda taught me was “talking to my organs.” The idea was simple: just as there is the overall me, there are also many smaller individual aspects of that me, represented in my tissues and organs themselves. In the dynamic world of information within my body, there is a distinct consciousness in each of my organs. Our organs store memories and also contain information. And they can talk to us. The big me can go in and establish a dialogue with the different organs and tissues.

In over twenty years of teaching workshops and clinical practice, I have found this to be very accurate and of highly practical value to understand ourselves and what our bodies are experiencing.

At times, I would see Castaneda ‘talking to his liver’, for example. He would talk to it in a very kind way, thanking it for all the work it took on. He would caress his ribs right where the liver is, and also pause and take a moment to ‘listen’ to it.

More than 500 vital functions have been identified in each liver cell, 24/7. It is the organ that organizes and distributes our internal nutrients and resources. In our busy modern lives, it tends to get overburdened. It stores ‘excess’ material, not only physiologically but also in our Consciousness.

our organs have their own consciousnessOur stressors are ‘stored’ in the liver.

When our liver gets overwhelmed, it also gets tight, and interferes with other neighbor organs, such as our stomach and intestines, or our sense of calm in our heart.

Our organs can tell us a lot of things. For instance, a patient who came to treatment for severe constipation, had received standard help from doctors such as increasing fiber and exercise, stool softeners and even antidepressants, with weak results. During the consult, using guided imagery, we established a conversation ‘between his higher self and his colon’, and his colon told him that the reason it was holding its movement was because he was feeling stuck at work. He had a long term dispute with his business partner that wasn’t being resolved.

The colon was storing that emotional and perceptual component of his inner life.

He realized then that he had been very rigid in his position about the dispute and needed to move on. The day after he signed the dissolution papers he had a bowel movement and within a month he had his regular rhythm restored.

Another fascinating example of how our organs store information and life experiences, even highly specific and detailed stuff, was reported by Paul Pearsall, Ph.D., in his book The Heart’s Code. I heard about this account by Ron Hulnik, Ph.D., one of the founders of the prestigious program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, where I am so excited to be currently taking a Certification. Pearsall, a clinical neuropsychologist in the Transplant Donor Department at the University of Arizona, describes how organ recipients take in memories and personality traits from the donor. He tells the case of a girl who had received a heart transplant from another girl who had been murdered. She soon began to have dreams and flashbacks of being murdered herself that eventually became so vivid and detailed that her mother reported it and it led the police to identify the actual murderer and prove the case in court. The implication of such an unequivocal event makes it undeniable that the organs themselves, independently, are capable of storing a high level of specificity of information.

How do I talk to my organs?

There are two steps and one rule to do this. our organs have their own consciousness

The first step is doing something to quiet the mind chatter and be present. This can be one minute focusing on our breathing, or even just one breath!

The second step is to turn our attention to a particular organ with an attitude of inquiry and establish a dialogue.

The rule is that when we ask a question, we have to be direct, as if we were talking to someone right in front of us, and then pause and wait for the very first thing that comes to mind, without preconditions. It might be a thought, an image or a memory. It might be the feeling of something that could become clear at a later time.

The rule means that it is spontaneous information that formulates in our Consciousness in the pause immediately after we address the question to the organ.

Sometimes, there doesn’t need to even be a question; all that seems to be needed is to turn our attention to the organ with the intention to see it and listen to it.

The Practice.

For the next moment, close your eyes and let your attention shift from the outer world to the inner world. You can simply let your body release any tension that it doesn’t need, right now.

In one sweep from head down to toes, just scan across your whole body with your attention and let each muscle relax, let each joint soften, letting all the nerves just open, the circulation and the skin open. And let your body do this at its own pace.

Now, open your inner eyes and go with your attention to the organ you want to talk to, listen to, or just hold space for. Allow yourself to use your full imagination and live it inside of you.

Have you been having any issues with the health of this organ? Connect to these symptoms, and specifically to the emotions that these symptoms arise in you. Stay attuned to these emotions for a moment. Don’t judge them or try to change them, just be with them.

Now, begin to talk to the organ, as if it was a person you are talking to. A person that is also you, or an aspect of you. Hold an attitude of appreciation, companionship and support. This part of you has been suffering and you want to be there for it. Lovingly express to the organ your support at this time. Talk to the organ as if it was your own 5-year old kid.

Ask simple, direct questions such as:

“Why are you in pain?”

“How does this relate to my life right now?”

“How can I help for you to feel better?”

“Is there anything I can do for you to stop this symptom?”

Remember, don’t prejudge or discard whatever arises when you ask. Spend a moment or as long as you feel is right in this dialogue, or simply sit in the presence of the organ, holding your Consciousness there. 

When you are ready, say thank you to your organ for being available to you. Ask permission to further dialogue in the future. Come out at your own pace and immediately take count of the experience and of any information that came from it.

I highly recommended to write down this information.

That’s it.

Simplicity itself!

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  1. Nilou on

    Greetings to Aerin and Miles,
    Thank you for your teachings which comes
    at a perfect time: I am fearing the result of
    a test. How funny that l had the thought
    of “talking “to my breats as a living partof me recently.
    It is time for me to change directions and
    I wish both of you and your young warrior
    a happy 2018.
    with gratitude

    • Howard Dieno on

      Wonderful article. As a British-trained Osteopath, I have been using the approach profiled here for decades. Carlos Castañeda was a very early and enduring influence on my thoughts, experiences and worldview. Later, Dr Andrew Weil, Dr Robert Fulford and Dr Rollin Becker convinced me ever more cogently that every aspect of our bodies – internal organs, fascia, skeleton, nervous system, microbiome and on and on – can be tuned into, encouraged to educate us on what our everyday consciousness hasn’t yet taken note of. To do this, is healing beyond measure. And facilitating this process for others has been my work as an osteopath for over 30 years.

    • Jodie on

      I have talked to my body for many yrs including telling my face to regenerate youth regularly. ..it works. Thank you for backing my theory

    • Linden on

      After reading this wonderful article I had a good talk to various parts of my body and found I had not been loving enough or grateful enough. I was particularly shocked at what I’ve put my poor skin through over the many decades. Bless our skin. And thank you for this insight,

    • Ken wells on

      Very interesting indeed , seems to fit with the idea of Bessel van der kolk that the body keeps the score , I like this idea , and I will be talking kindly to my organs , and thanking them for the good job they have done for me /us

    • Lesa on

      This makes good sense to know your organs can respond back and the living organ shows us it needs to be listen to. We can truly heal or relieve some of our health issues.
      If we eat right and exercise we can live longer than 100 years.

    • Muoi Nelson on

      Omg Thank you so much. This is amazing idea that no one thought about that before. Yes i talked to my plants which is so true that plants can hear you too but never thought about organs .that is crazy. I used to have all different kind of fruit trees they always gave me so much fruits and all the fruits are so big and i don’t even give them anything but water. Because i talk to them everyday tell them i love them. My husband think i am crazy .he said you talk to your fruit treed a d told them you love them. He saud only asian. Lol.. i learned it from my Mom. So When we sold the house the new owner called my husband and ask what did we do to those fruits trees ? What is the secret? New owner told my husband that we water like you guys said we even have gardener came in to out fertilizer for those fruits tree but how come not so many and gave us very small fruits. Wow
      I got it now Thank you for great idea .

  2. Claudio on

    Sinceramente me encanto , y es muy interesante. Lograr una conexión con nuestros órganos es de una importancia trascendental.
    Muchas gracias

  3. Yordi on

    Precisamente hace umos 15 dias he comenzado a tener síntomas en el bajo vientre y pensé La Próstata. El ejercicio me cae perfectisimo. Voy s realizarlo y luego escribiré al blog.
    Yordi (Venezuela)

  4. Yordi on

    Realice el ejercicio de hablar con mi próstata. Me respondió que sentia rabia porque yo la descarte cuando tome la decisión de no tener relaciones sexuales. Cuando le pregunté como hacer para eliminar los síntomas me dijo “consigue una mujer”. Luego comencé ha inviarle oleadas de afecto, le agradecí por su disponibilidad al diálogo y le pedí permiso para volverme a comunicar cpn ella.

  5. Yordi on

    Desde que lei en uno de los libros del Nagual Carlos Castaneda que Don juan hacia mención de las Constelaciones internas y la “función secundaria” de todos los órganos comenzando ppr la matrizmatriz como órgano de evolución. Me ppdrian decir la función secundaria de “La Próstata” ?

    • Marianne Creyf on

      Thank you for expressing succinctly how body and mind are connected.

      Hopefully this doesn’t come across as too feministic, but it seems that women hardly get mentioned in this field of knowledge. I.understand your article is about Carlos Castaneda, and that ultimately, it shouldn’t matter where the information comes from.

      But right now, I feel it does give a subtle impact as most of this information is credited to men.

      After reading your wonderful and lucid article, I remembered coming across this information first through women: Brandon Bays in her book ” the journey”, not a very scientific account, but a method to relate to one’s body and it’s messages. Then Candace Pert, with her book ” molecules of emotion”, a more scientific account of how emotions are stored in our cells/ tissues. Both good reads.

      Later I found that Chinese Medicine is very advanced in its understanding of the body mind soul connection, and deserves mention as this healing modality is vastly underestimated.

      I’m truly thankful for blailtrazers like yourself 🙏

      • Judy jackson on

        By the way, I truly loved reading this article. It put so much more content and emphasis from a scientific basis into the soup. thank you!

      • Joy Black on

        Yes. And true. Thank you, and thank you Dr. Reid for a very helpful and informative article.

        I was so lucky to hear Dr. Candace Pert speak at an integrative health conference in Richmond, Va., in 2002. What an amazing woman and impressive body of research leading up to publishing her book, “ Molecules of Emotion.”

        I am a Medical Qi Gong therapist and you are correct that ancient Chinese Medicine Qi Gong), as well as other ancient healing wisdom practices) knew about and practiced talking to our organs for deep relaxation and healing. The Inner Smile is an ancient Qi Gong meditation of this practice. (You can “google” it – brought to the U.S. In the 1970’s by Qi Gong Master Mantak Chia. I am forever grateful for having been exposed to these practices and use some form of them daily.

  6. Yordi on

    Han pasado 48 horas desde que realicé el ejercicio de hablar con la próstata. Fue asombroso ver como se disminuyeron los retorcijones en el bajo vientre. Esa noche dormi muy bien con una sensación de bienestar increíble, estuve todo el dia con asombro ante éstos hechos.durante el dia tome dos cafesy ayer un chocolate y un café. Hoy desperte con una ligera molestia en la misma zona y he vuelto a conversar con mis órganos pero esta vez me habló el intestino pidiéndome que no consumiera mas café y azucar. A finalizar le envíe holeadas de afecto. Han pasado Unos 15-20 minutos y la molestia ha casi desaparecido
    Yordi (Venezuela)

    • MIles Reid on

      Querido Yordi,
      Que bien tus experiencias relatadas! Ya tienes abierto el canal de comunicación y lo puedes aplicar a todas las partes de tu cuerpo. Las funciones secundarias son como posibilidades energéticas de cada órgano, mas allá de sus funciones biológicas. La funciono secundaria de la próstata la definiría como ‘la creatividad’.

  7. Надежда on

    Я так делаю. Мои наблюдения. Сердце является хранителем различных переживаний. Обратившись к сердцу можно определить первоочередную проблему. Определить первый орган, которому надо помочь.

  8. Laura Berland-shane on

    Gracias, Dr. Reid, for sharing this fascinating information. I am going to talk to my liver tonight! Blessings to you.

  9. Tony Gregory on

    Yeah, I have been following this route for forty years. Castaneda builds on other great thinkers that found the same dualism, from Plato, with his metaphor of the cave to Kant with noumena and phenomena and finally Castaneda, with nagual and tonal. The point is that there is a lot that is going on that we cant grasp unless we hone those senses and powers that we do not use every day, learning the Yaqui walk. As a psyhologist, I place Carlos with Irma Rolf who taught us that pain has a multidimensional expression – it is simultaneously phyisical, emotional and spiritual – you can approach it from many angles and you can treat it from many angles.

  10. Sue Lane on

    Thank you for this info. I have been talking to the tissues, skin, fascia, muscles for 35 years while I am doing massage. I want them to trust that I will not hurt them and they will relax and respond to my intent. It works! They remember me the next time and release faster. I am now talking to the rest of my physiology. Thank you for the expansion of work. Sue Lane LMT


    I love your tender explanation. Prayer as I grew up was to look inside to heal mistaken perceptions, assumptions, emotions, patterns, holding on, anything that needing a little digging to unearth and see through to let go of. This is what you are describing and brings me great joy to remember. A tenderness toward self to find relief and aim the energy of that kindness.

    • Jeanette Hakey on

      Yes, kind tenderness towards self is comforting and nurturing.
      When someone tells of anger or sadness from malaise I suggest changing that to acceptance and loving attention to the matter. Wonder if anyone has tried & their result?

    • Ausirez on

      Thank you for your healing message. I believed you could tell the body to heal itself & I just ask it to repair & regenerate.🍃💫

  12. Candace Weaver on

    At 68 I’ve talked lovingly to my organs, systems and body parts for years. It just came naturally to me. I feel a mother role to love and communicate with all of me. What I’ve fallen short in is listening. Thank you for your piece of expansion added to my communication. Excellent and wise guidance.

  13. Mairéad Conlon on

    Thank you for all this information which is so Important in this day and age
    I have been talking to my organs for the last few years and do a thank you ritual every night for my good health and also help for whatever part of me is in pain or discomfort. I just find it beautifully helpful and your article has clarified it all for me.

  14. Tony Mills on

    I have a system that communicates with the body, addressing whatever presents, mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual. I also love Carlos Castanada’s work. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Yvonne Lynette Lovejoy on

    Thank you for your amazing article on communicating with the organs. I also found peoples responses to your article exceedingly helpful. I am extremely grateful to you for sharing this information online….And I know my organs are grateful, too….

  16. Patricia on

    Its unbelievable that this has popped up on my Facebook as I intuitively have been doing this to my bladder for the last 2 months. I have suffered for 30 years with irritable bladder after a hysterectomy and have been prescribed different medications which has had many side effects. After my last visit to gynaecologist and more pills and offered Botox and operation I decided I had enough and stopped everything and I started talking and comforting my bladder every morning and night and during the day if it was bothering me. Can’t believe the difference no medication in the last 9 months. This article has confirmed its not just in my head

  17. Elisa on

    Thankyou for this information, I have a notebook also to write down sentences that my internal organs functions well aside from verbal talk.It is awesome to receive good feedback from my own body.

  18. Marilyn on

    Thank you for these lessons. I had never heard of this idea before and look forward to trying this out. What a great thing!

  19. Satella on

    Thank you for this it comes at the right time to help me in the process of talking to my organs at the right frequency, as every organ vibrates at it own frequency. To listen to my organs.

  20. Maxanne Small on

    Since having children, I naturally fell into communicating with each part of my body. I’ve also practiced yoga most of my life & always remember the teachers having us check in with our bodies, scanning it. Thank you so much for your article! This really resonates with me and is an excellent reminder that the mind and body work together. Thank you for spreading your message Carlos Castaneda!

  21. Gammadian on

    Really enjoyable and informative read. Other teachers have made me aware of this phenomenon of it being really healing to talk to our organs and body parts.

    As a healer, it is a technique that, I will bring more attention to, both in intending my journey back to optimal health and with my clients.

    Thanks for sharing.


  22. Patricia Dick on

    I had a benign acoustic neuroma growing on my balance nerve compressing my hearing nerve. I visualized it being eaten up and dying in a deep meditation daily for a long time. I spent two years trying to shrink the tumor. Turns out it doubled in size but the surgeon who removed it cell by cell said it was real easy to remove because had 3 big dead spots in it. I feel like I got the tumor when I accidentally burned the inside of my ear with a cell phone (one of the old ones that really put out the juice when you talked). I learned that you can communicate with the cells in your body and help them live or help them die.

    • Lynn MacDonald on

      I have actually been talking to different parts of my body for a long time right now I will be working on nerve dystrophy in my right arm scoliosis in my spine I’m going to order the book and will give you an updated version later on thank you so much . Lynn MacDonald

  23. Peter Back on

    Whilst I don’t believe that bodily organs can actually hear I think it is reasonable to assume that commands can be heard by the auditory system and then put into effect, by the unconscious mind sending appropriate messages via the autonomic nervous system, and immune system, to effect changes in organ health and functioning.

  24. Juliette cheek on

    Thank you so much for this information… I suffer from COPD after smoking and would like to know any opinions on mending the permanent damage I have created in my lungs. Is it possible to repair so called permanent damage ? In effect rebuild parts ? I am going to put this into action and combine it into my meditation… 🙌🏽🙏🏽

  25. Suzanne on

    I would love to be able to speak with you. I lost my son to suicide three weeks ago and despite the unfathomable emotional trauma, I have been buoyed like a life raft up out of the darkest depths of drowning despair by the knowledge that he became an organ donor, six-fold. His vital organs live on!
    I feel I do speak to these organs, daily. I know my son lives on in a beating heart, breathing lungs… and I just learned yesterday, in skin, tissue and bone recovery that may aid up to 100 patient recipients through surgical grafts in the next 300 days.

  26. Lisa on

    I have tried talkng to my veins when I need an infusion of vitamin C and they won’t allow a venipuncture to happen. I say that we really need this medicine, it will make us feel better, and it is good thing. I have been a “hard stick” my whole life. My veins don’t cooperate, but roll, run away, or shut down when the needle goes in. I hope next time I can convince them not to be scared. Am I missing something?

    • Christine Anne Platel on

      I’ve had the same experience, and have had to be stuck many times, in different places, in order for the tech to find a vein. One time they even had to call for an ultrasound machine to help find an appropriate place to start an IV for a CT Scan with contrast. I’ve discovered is that this problem only occurs when I’m dehydrated. So drinks lots of water before you need a blood test, or an IV started.

  27. Jim on

    Interestingly, Chinese Medicine recognises five “Spirits” of the major organs. The Shen which resides in the Heart, the Hun in the Liver, the Po in the Lungs, the Yi in the Spleen and the Zhi in the Kidneys.

  28. RahaYusef FerdieJ on

    I was completely unmindful of my organs and my total whole being. what I perceived is that i was born. Use this body the way i wanted. . . I didn’t realize up to this moment that i need to care, talk, nourish and faithfully talk and listen to my organs so they will reciprocate with excellence.

    Thank you so much for this learning. I guess i have to be constantly in communication with my whole me to release a better version of my being.

  29. Yamille Pennock on

    soy hipnoterapeuta y me encantaria una entrevista con usted Dr. Miles Reid.
    A donde le puedo escribir?

    Muchas gracias

    Yamille Pennock

  30. Charly on

    Me parece muy interesante, creo que luego en el momento adecuado para mi esposa y para mi, recientemente tuvo que ser hospitalizada por un fuerte dolor abdominal, y aunque la estabilizaron y ya está en casa, no tenemos una idea clara de que lo ocasionó, creo que comenzaremos con estos ejercicios.

  31. mars on

    lo curioso de esto es que yo tengo ya unos 2 o 3 meses hablando con mi cuerpo y no hago nada especial para hacerlo, solo cuando voy a dormir solo me acuesto y le digo al cuerpo que se desconecte y descance lo mas comodo y profundo que pueda y que al otro dia DESPERTEMOS bien descansados y que re-establesca la salud y energia a todos los organos que trabajamos juntos ya que somos un buen equipo. se que suena loco pero es mi propia investigacion muy personal ya que es ahora la primera vez que lo comento y porque vi esta pagina. otra cosa de tomar en cuenta es que si se siente muy diferente cuando se establece una comunicacion con el cuerpo. en lo personal yo recomendaria a todos que lo intenten, total que no pierden nada.

  32. Ivette on

    Wow! I stumble in this site and this information. Without knowing I do this all of the time. I usually sit and listen to my body. If anything do not feel good I always ask ” what happend” what did I eat that my body does not like it and now I feel sick. Why I have this headache? Incredible enough I always get an answer. I also give thanks to my organs for doing their job and giving me health, vitaly and wellbeing. Without knowing I was doing the right thing and feel bless that I am healthy and always looking after my body to feel well. Thank you for this great information. I got a book from Castañeda that I never finished but certainly his lessons are the best! Blessings.

  33. Christine Jackson on

    Hi there, fascinating stuff. I am a massage therapist and often feel unresolved emotion stuck in the body. Sometimes I see disease and is usually like an xray picture in my mind. I have been told that this man will have a heart attack soon, as an example. I advised he go to the doctor to have his heart checked. He did have a heart attack the next week. At first I didn’t know what to make of it, or wasn’t sure I should talk to the client about what was being revealed to me. I decided to take the risk and talk to the client. Sometimes my hands are led to a particular area in the body and the client feels heat coming from my hands. I linger there and try to tune in. If I see a problem I go further and try to find out what is stuck there causing the problem. I had a friend who I was working on and kept seeing the color orange. I told her what I was seeing and neither one of us knew what to make of it. When she went home she urinated bright orange. She went to her doctor and found out she had kidney stones. I have healed myself going within and finding what is stuck and causing problems. Usually it is myself who has to be forgiven or someone else. Then I release the emotions in love. After reading this article I know it is time to fully envelope this gift/ practice and further my studies. thank you!

    • Silvia Roth-Chiulli on

      Dear Christine,
      this is really a gift and you should develop it further. The world and its human beings (also animals for sure) do need people like you!
      Regards out of Germany

  34. Meredith Evans on

    As a former professional massage therapist this speaks to me. And am always happy to know there is wider acceptance of not the “body-mind” connection but that they are one.
    Here I am in present day, unable to to do massage as a profession due to a catastrophic car accident. I simply don’t have the stamina any longer. In my accident, half my large intestine and gallbladder became necrotic and had to be removed. In reading your article I’m left wondering if maybe I need to talk to the remaining organs and thank them for all the work they took on once their “comrades” were gone. And also thank them for going deep in the their work to keep me alive. Thank you for sparking these thoughts again.

  35. Hunter on

    I have been doing this for years, I can also “talk” to various parts of my brains, I can physically feel where certain memories lie and I can give my self ASMR tingles if I close my eyes and focus internally towards the back of my brain stem. I’ve never been able to put into words how a normal person can learn to do this – I think I developed this as a result of coping with chronic pain my entire life. I have a disease that affects several vital organs (brain, lungs, intestines, stomach, liver) and in order to subvert the discomfort felt in each of them, I first needed to recognize the nerve paths inside me that increased the pain when I focused on them. Because, if I knew how to increase the pain, then I knew how to do the opposite – dissociate from it. I could never heal it properly because I knew that was near impossible due to my chronic and terminal condition, but at least I could somewhat ignore it. I think this guide is overly-spiritual, simplified version of this concept, but maybe the majority of the population needs an instructional guide laid out in this specific way.

  36. Lynne Curtayne on

    I have always talked to my organs ! In my mind with my eyes shut ! If something doesn’t feel right or in most cases I am somehow told that an organ is having an issue ! Normally I just sit quietly and look inside my body with my mind and my eyes shut ! I try to see what is causing the pain or little glitch I have physically felt ! I sit thinking to the organ ! As in a little tiny quick pain in my heart I tellit I love it ! That it has worked hard for me for my entire life ! I ask if it needs medical help and I tell it to stay calm and try and find another way if it is getting blocked ! Also if I catch a 24 hour tummy bug which I very rarely do and it NEVER gets severe as I may have a very loose movement and don’t feel good ! After doing the talk everything is ok and within a couple of hours all symptoms go !i am 74 years old look at the most maybe 50 ! Strangers meeting me with my younger sister always think she is my mother !i take no medication at all and very rarely ever have been to a dr !unless I have an infection and need an antibiotic if they give me scripts for unnecessary meds I never use them ! I don’t even wear glasses ! I walk seven kilometres a day under an hour and I work hard running a big house garden and farm with lots of animals ! I enjoy the outdoors and volunteer for lots of charities etc I drive and love life and sex and I only have a small social drink and have never smoked or done drugs !could not afford to as my horses used a lot of my income !i have lived and still do a VERY full life and go in everything that is on ! Celebrations ! Car rallies ! Dances ! Helping friends and people in need ! I’m totally self sufficient and loving my life ! Thank you for this amazing article ! I have never been inoculated against anything EXCEPT when I was in fourth class and the polio serum was invented and we lined up in assembly and were given it in sugar on a teaspoon to eat ! I travel overseas regularly and climb mountains and castles etc ! I love my life ! I am also very schycic ! And know IMMEDIATLY if something is wrong with my son or member of family or close friend even if I am thousands of miles away to the extent I will even asleep wake up and think something has happened to my mother in law and ring her home in a different state and Timezone to be told she has had a heart attack and in an ambulance on the way to hospital ! Very strange things happen to me all the time this was just one example ! Thank you again for your amazing article !iknew it was the right thing to do ! Xx❤️❤️❤️

  37. Mary B on

    This worked for me. Several years ago I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst which was becoming large and painful. I went inside and listened to what the ovary was telling me and I was astounded. The details remain private but I sent it love, support and healing thoughts and by my next scan it had completely gone. This really works and I’m so grateful.

  38. Kevin on

    Hi Shirl, I have survived stage 4 melanoma that spread from my ear to my liver. I was diagnosed in Dec 17 had surgery in Jan 18 and went on a trial drug program. This unfortunately didn’t work & in June 18 I was told if I didn’t do anything I’d have 3 months to go. Prior to June I was advise I should start talking to my cancer cells in my liver & my liver & ask them to leave as all there work was done with me. I did this regularly & asked them to move on to there own body to continue there work. May sound strange but I certainly contribute this & many other alternative treatments to my survival. In May 19 I was told I was in 100% remission.

    • Selwyn on

      Try and tune into your body and become consciously aware of your energy. Notice where in your body you feel some tightness and gently relax those parts of your body. Breathe gently and let your desire for air let you know when you must breathe, almost wait till you need to breathe and find the rhythm of your breathing. The key is to learn to build the energy inside your body and feel the energy moving upwards and into your brain area. When your brain area gets energized it will lead to experiencing your higher self. This takes time and commitment. Learning to transform your sexual pleasure into sexual energy and causing this energy to build inside the body is a key factor in this process. This is something I have been working on for many years, it has many beautiful enriching benefits. It is worth investing whatever time is required in order to uncover this awareness. Let me know if this helps.

  39. Martha on

    This is fantastic. thank you so much! I will talk to my heart which has been going out of rhythm and behaving erratically since 2013. My heart needs my love. I look forward to hearing what else it has to say. Amen. love. blessings to All, 🙏

  40. Annie on

    Your article resonates deeply with me as truth as I have known for a long time that our emotions, when not resolved, get stuck within our body. It is comforting to realise that more people, and thankfully, Doctors are waking up to this truth and that many therapists, such as my husband Tony Mills, Soul Whisperer, dedicate their lives to helping people hear the messages from their bodies. When we can hear the messages, our life can flow in ways we could never have imaged.

  41. Chris Clarkson on

    Interesting article. Possibly this could be seen as a sort of self hypnosis? An ongoing dialogue to say, the liver for example, could be seen as subconscious communication which affects the Vagus nerve, which wanders from the brain throughout the main organs of the body.
    Just a thought 🙂


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